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By First American Merchant

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A Guide to Merchant Cash Advances

If you are in urgent need of commercial financing to keep your small or medium business on its feet, you should choose from the many flexible alternative types of financing to help address your specific needs. A merchant cash advance is one such innovative way to acquire funding. The product hasn’t been around for too long— at least not as long as loans and credit lines, but savvy merchants are already making the most of it. Cash advances are comparatively easy to acquire; they offer hassle-free settlement terms and can help you bridge the gaps left by other forms of […]

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Tap into Merchant Cash Advances to Bridge Your Business’ Financial Gaps

Today business owners favor Merchant cash advances over standard loans. Undoubtedly, that’s enough reason to shed light on why this funding alternative is gaining popularity over the most popular financing products that small business owners have relied on for decades. What is an MCA? Most business owners mistake a merchant cash advance for a high-interest advance or a short-term loan. But in reality, it is a sale. Contemporary lenders like FAM buy your upcoming sales at a discount. The borrower and lender settle on the amount of sales being purchased and at what discount. You can access MCAs without having […]

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Four Steps to Take When Your Customers Don’t Pay Their Bills on Time

Late payment is a problem that plagues the cash flow of many merchants and is one of the fastest ways to go out of business. Regardless of how successful or established, a major part of your job as a trader is to ensure that all transactions are completed on time. Of course, the billing policy you’ll employ will depend on your type of business. If you run a large-scale enterprise, for example, your clients will likely expect to be given at least a few weeks to pay their invoices. And although you’re often left with no choice, agreeing to their […]

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How Alternative Funding Can Increase your Business Profits

Since their inception, merchant cash advances have been considered the best option for business owners to gain quick funding when needed. They are easy to apply for and don’t demand too much information. Moreover, leading players such as First American Merchant offer fast approvals, with cash deposited within only a few days. That said, smart merchants have come to the realization that cash advances mean a lot more than just a bailout from a tough or unexpected situation. When used wisely, alternative funding can help to improve sale volumes and return larger profits. And in this article, we aim to […]

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Applying For A Business Loan? 10 Important Points To Focus On

Applying for a bank loan is associated with many things. Filling out paperwork isn’t enough to get approved for a bank loan. Below you can find 10 important points to focus on before applying for a bank loan. Do You Qualify for a Bank Loan? If you see you cannot qualify for a bank loan, applying for it will hurt your credit. Find out the requirements of the bank beforehand. Most banks will tell you the lowest credit score, the cash flow and other qualifying factors they require. The Amount You Need Make sure to know the exact amount you […]

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Guide to Merchant Cash Advances

If you need to finance your small business quickly, a merchant cash advance can be a great solution to your problem. MCAs are becoming more and more popular in the modern world of business, and many small business owners view an MCA as the best funding option to consider. A merchant cash advance shouldn’t be regarded as a loan. You get a lump sum from the MCA provider, which is automatically repaid based on a percentage of your daily credit card receipts. The mentioned percentage is known as “holdback” or retrieval rate. Usually, it may range from 5% to 20% […]

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Alternative Financing Options To Fund Your Business | Merchant Cash Advances

To get funding for your business you can apply to traditional banks and other lenders as well.  The great thing about alternative funding options is that they will help you stay away from the hassle of dealing with the long and often tedious process of getting funds from your bank. Funding  Your Small Business Small business owners often look for a convenient and affordable business loans to finance their company. Today, a merchant cash advance is a popular type of business funding, which is increasingly being chosen by more merchants. A merchant cash advance can be characterized as a smart […]

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Top Ways To Use A Business Line of Credit

A line of credit is a good option for small businesses as they can use it to fund a variety of needs. The latter include building a credit history for future financing and having a great deal of flexibility as compared with other financing options. Also, a such business funding allows for accessing your credit whenever needed, paying down the balance as your cash flow permits, and using it again and again. Below you can read how to use a business line of credit correctly. Building Up Credit Scores You can use a business line of credit to build up […]

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What Is A Merchant Cash Advance And How Does It Work?

A merchant cash advance can be characterized as an alternative financing option. You will be provided with financing upfront and will pay for the advance with a percentage of your business’s daily sales. This a good business funding option for small business owners who receive payments through cash, credit cards or checks, have a high volume of sales, and need to get the financing for their business quickly. Also, merchant cash advances are good for those cannot qualify for traditional bank loans. A Merchant Cash Advance: How Does It Work? Small business owners can apply for a merchant cash advance […]

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Cash Advance or Bust: What to Do If You Cannot Find a Small Business Loan

Loans are tricky. From home loans, to car loans, and even small business loans, there are many catches to obtaining one. Small business loans may be the worst when it comes to a denial rating – which may end up being a good thing for your business. The “cons” often outweigh the “pros” when it comes to a small business loan, so being turned down is not necessarily bad. However, it can be bad when you do not know about any other funding options available. So, what do you do? It is not like you can petition the bank to […]

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