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Quick Cash for Your Business ─ Merchant Cash Advance

Do you need working capital for your business and you don’t have time to wait for weeks to get approved? A merchant cash advance (MCA), also known as a business cash advance, can be the right solution to your problem. However, quick access to working capital isn’t the only advantage offered by a merchant cash advance. Merchant Cash Advances and Business Loans As you may already know, not all types of businesses can easily get approved for business funding from a traditional bank or other financial institution. There are a number of reasons for this. First, traditional banks are willing […]

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12 Tax Deductions for Your Small Business

One thing every small business should avoid at all costs is messing with the IRS. With that being said, don’t be afraid to deduct what you legally can – don’t cheat yourself. The following twelve deductions are some that you might not have known or thought about before. All it takes is a little documentation throughout the year. Home Office – Many small business owners are afraid to claim a home-office deduction because they believe this is just asking for the IRS to investigate. While the chances are greater when making this deduction, the key is to use the term […]

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Small Businesses Remain Uncertain as Temporary Tax Breaks Expire, Renew

Small businesses know that uncertainty is the norm and the bane of their success. About the only thing that startups and entrepreneurs can really count on is the guarantee of uncertainty. One of the annual forms this constant uncertainty takes is the government’s rollback of small-business tax breaks that are retroactively restored only months later. Yet, with the dead period and the lack of certainty of the tax breaks’ returns small business owners are left standing in quicksand, uncertain of the future. Both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge that uncertainty is perhaps the greatest challenge for the development and success of […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Can Mitigate Bad Credit

First American Merchant Funding understands the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Right from the get-go capital is needed ready to cover any issues that crop up in the first few months. This is the first example of where bad credit can sink an aspiring entrepreneur. If your credit cripples your abilities to help grow your greatest asset, your business, it could die before it even has a chance. Granted most business owners have a reserve of capital ready and waiting to confront the unexpected expenses that plague a new business. But, the savvy business owner will reserve this […]

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Local Businesses with Bad Credit Can Secure Needed Funding

It goes without saying that many local companies were affected by the recent recession. While things are turning around, a business’s finances are not able to turn on a dime. There are still old bills to pay, new equipment to purchase or old equipment to be repaired. Quite a few necessities were shoved in the corner until the time came when the business was flush. With bad credit a smaller company does not have a lot of options. However, there is a merchant cash advance for those with bad credit. According to Reuters prior to the recession there are 1700 […]

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ISOs Who Help Merchants Choose Funding See High Returns

Before ISOs and lenders give any funds to merchants, they should consider whether or not the business in question should obtain a small business loan or a merchant cash advance (MCA). Answering this question correctly and proper management afterwards, could be the key to sustaining merchant accounts or losing them to another ISO or to bankruptcy. Credit and cash flow are two variables that ISO managers can use to help them decide which type of loan will be most successful for their merchants. In general, merchants with less than average credit are candidates for MCAs (small, quick short term loans […]

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