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The Recession: Is it Good For US Small Businesses?

The recession, as we call it, is a time of opportunity for some and a time of trial for others.  For the daring entrepreneur, it is an opportunity to start a business. For others, it is a time to wind down and take a break from entrepreneurship. And this makes sense because businesses cannot always get the resources they need to run operations and fuel growth. Most retailers don’t understand how a recession can be a good thing.  Yet it gives a business owner a chance to test their company’s strengths and weaknesses during difficult economic times. Why a Recession […]

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Get Your Restaurant Up to Code with These 4 Financing Options

Whether you’re opening up your first restaurant or wish to update your current dining area,  it can be challenging to access the funding to do so in time to hit your launch date. Luckily, there are plenty of financing options available to you.  Here are four financing alternatives to consider when looking to upgrade your restaurant. 4 Loans to Improve Your Restuarant 1. Working capital loans If you’re ready to open your restaurant, but need a little extra money for fixtures or inventory, a working capital loan might be right for you. Working capital loans are low-interest loans for small […]

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Merchant Cash Brokers

It might come as a shock to hear, but most business owners who get a merchant cash advance often don’t use the internet to secure one. In fact, they might not even be actively seeking one out. A smiling salesperson walks through their doors and shares information on the product and its benefits.  The pitch usually involves a friendly approach of the broker saying they’re there to help the business get some cash with flexible terms. They are able to quickly break down the ins and outs of how the advances and weekly repayments will work. For many businesses, the […]

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Merchant Cash Advance: What a Beginner Should Know

Also referred to as a credit card processing loan, a merchant cash advance is a go for option both low and high-risk merchants who need quick and hassle-free access to funds. This article will tell you more about an MCA and where you can get it easily.  What You Need to Know About a Merchant Cash Advance  An MCA also called a business cash advance, is a type of funding suitable for a small business accepting debit and credit card payments from customers. You’ll need to pay back the amount based on a percentage of your customers’ card payments using […]

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Small Business Tips for Securing Alternative Business Loans

Long wait times, complicated contracts and services, and support that misses the mark; this is what many small business owners deal with when trying to secure financing. Banks can keep you waiting weeks or months to tell you that you’ve been denied funds in the end. The very next question is, where do I go from here? If you’re looking for funding, you’ll be glad to hear there are other ways to secure the funding you need. In fact, these alternatives often turn out to be better for many business owners. The following information should shed some light on why […]

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Why Business Loans are Difficult to Get

Getting a merchant loan is one thing, but getting the loan denied is devastating. Several factors keep you from getting a business loan, and bad credit is the major problem, though they are preventable.  Ways of boosting your credit score and enhancing your approval chances  If your credit history reveals that you cannot repay your debts, you will have difficulty obtaining a business loan. If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, you may find it hard to secure a company loan because you have no history of repaying bills. Your creditors will hesitate to offer you money when you file […]

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How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals

How Do Business Loans Really Work: The Fundamentals Business loans are well known for feeling overwhelming. They can be confusing. They often lack clarity. And most of all, they can feel impossible to secure. In reality, business loans are similar to personal loans.  The process is much the same. You first apply to the borrower, generally a bank. You request a set amount, go over the details, and wait to find out whether the firm will lend you the money. If they agree, you will then have some requirements or interest rates involved. This is where the confusion comes in. […]

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Is a Merchant Cash Advance the Funding Option Your Startup Needs

Sitting at your desk with your plans laid out before you, there are likely many tasks and challenges written down on our to-do list. One of the biggest obstacles all startups face is coming up with adequate capital. From putting a team together and renting a location to purchasing inventory, setting up shop, and covering revenue-generating initiatives requires cash and lots of it.  Even established businesses run into cash flow issues from time to time. High-volume seasons like the holidays can cause a company to come up short. Equipment breaking down can lead to dipping into cash flow reserves, leaving little […]

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How Small Businesses Can Get Post-Pandemic Help From The SBA

Alternative funding can be the safety net for a business in a tight spot, but it can also be the worst bane of your existence–and the beginning of a debt cycle. A Merchant Cash Advance is common among phony alternative lenders looking to rip off needy small business owners.  Unlike traditional loans, these products feature painless applications and instant funding (in as soon as 24 hours). It’s no wonder most entrepreneurs rush to accept these offers even before reading the fine print. What’s a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is a short-term loan that allows businesses to access […]

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Types of cash advance loans you should know

Savvy small businesses in need of cash understand the significance of speedy and convenient funding from alternative lenders. Most SMBs don’t stand a chance with standard business loans. Traditional sources like banks not only do a credit pull, they also subject you to burdensome application procedures and long processing times. So most applicants would rather turn to hassle-free alternatives like a cash advance loan. Cash Advance Loans: What Are They? These are short-term loans that can get you money in your account within 24 hours. They’re an attractive option for people who need fast cash and don’t want to get […]

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