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Merchant Cash Advance. Is It Right for Your Business?

The merchant cash advance industry is growing. The number of business owners choosing this type of funding solution over other financing options is on the rise. In fact, an MCA isn’t a loan: it’s a purchase of your future sales. If you want to learn more about MCAs and discover the right MCA provider in the U.S., stay on the page.  Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): What It Is and How It Works Thanks to an MCA, you receive financing based on your future credit card receipts. The MCA provider takes a portion of your future credit card sales on a […]

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Is A Merchant Cash Advance A Good Fit For Your Business?

Small businesses are always looking for ways to fund their operation. One of those ways is via a small business loan. The problem with going down this route is that the application and approval process tends to be more strenuous.  On the contrary, merchant cash advances (MCAs) are more straightforward and are faster to process. Let’s take a look at the main differences between MCAs and business loans.  How Do MCAs and Business Loans Differ? To be clear, MCAs are not business loans. When you apply and accept an MCA, you are essentially “selling” your future income earnings in exchange […]

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6 Popular Types of Business Loans, and How to Choose

There are so many reasons why a business might need to borrow money. From hiring new, top talent and purchasing new equipment to covering unexpected costs, the reasons can vary greatly. However, one thing is certain, you need a loan option that is right for your situation and business type. With so many options available today, knowing where to start and understanding what each means can be a daunting task. Qualification requirements, loan purpose, and desired terms must be taken into consideration. All of these factors can influence the type of business loan that is right for you.  Here are […]

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Restaurant Cash Advance: Merchant Funding For Restaurants

Despite the immense challenges imposed by the global pandemic, the restaurant industry has experienced robust growth over the past few decades. According to Statista, the U.S. quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry’s output has experienced an increase of well over 50 percent since 2007. This contributed to an “all-time high” of nearly $283 billion in 2020.  The U.S. full-service restaurant industry, also experienced growth, reaching $80 billion in 2020. As one of the most critical industries for the U.S. labor market, it is estimated that over 14 million Americans are employed by restaurants.  Restaurants Need Cash If there is anything certain in […]

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3 Ways Small Businesses Unintentionally Fall into Debt

Running a successful business involves an interesting combination of risk, sacrifice and discipline. From time to time, it requires investment to see improvements. At other points, it means giving up something in the pursuit of something bigger. Above all, it demands discipline to achieve your ultimate goals.  Of course, one of the biggest risks for a business – whether a startup or an established company, is debt. Choosing to take on debt to secure much needed capital can be a smart decision, as long as you have a plan and capability to pay it back in a timely manner. However, […]

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Business vs. Personal Loan: 4 Reasons to Opt for Business Loans

At one point or another, every entrepreneur and established business owner faces the issue of funding. There is a long list of reasons why a company may need additional capital, from rapid growth and expansion needs to unexpected costs and new trends. The big question is, should they turn to a personal loan, or should they reach out to a business lender?  Some business owners shy away from traditional and alternative business loans because of the perceived risk, debt and interest involved. In reality, there are many advantages in using the right lending option for start-ups, small businesses, and large […]

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Why a Bridge Loan is Your Next Best Instant Funding Strategy

A bridge loan is a kind of short-term funding built to help a business meet its financial needs until it acquires a long-term loan. These loans are a life-saver, especially when you need instant funding to keep operations running or seize an opportunity. Entrepreneurs who apply for a bridge loan can use it to buy or upgrade assets or finance business operations. Then, as soon as their business acquires long-term funding, it utilizes the funds from the newly acquired long-term loan to settle the bridge.  Companies depend on bridge loans (most with higher interest rates than regular long-term funding) to […]

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Is Your Loan Provider Selling You What They Marketed? | Small Business Financing

How would you feel if you found out that the financing you’ve wound up with isn’t what your lender promised? From MCAs to business credit lines, lenders have designed a long list of funding products for small and medium businesses. But not all products are okay for every financial need. Speaking to PYMNTS, Flo Capital Co-founder Ryan Ridgway feels there’s often a bait-and-switch trick that most lenders use to lure business. How Bait-&-Switch Works According to him, loan providers can “dangle the carrot” with a particular product, only to sadly offer a retailer a different product, which might not fit […]

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PPP Loans: Best Practices and Grave Mistakes to Avoid

An injection of extra funding from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is an excellent way to boost your business’s situation. Still, it’s almost criminal to ignore the finest details when applying for and using this loan product. An unfilled signature section can slow down your PPP loan request and delay access to funding. Poor record-keeping can also cause challenges when seeking loan leniency because you must account for every dollar spent to enjoy full forgiveness. PPP Loan Tips & Grave Mistakes to Avoid Below are some strategies to follow when seeking out a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Dental PPP Loan […]

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6 Important Loan Types for Your Business & Purchases

Do you have a striving business? Maybe you’re just starting or trying to move your existing business to the next level and you need to make urgent purchases, aren’t you? Whatever it is, access to additional working capital in the form of business loans, student loans, etc. is something almost all businesses and many people need at some point in their life. Let’s go through several options and find a reputable business funding provider in the U.S. Business Loans & Funding Options  Working capital can make or break your business. This is also true of people in need of financial […]

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