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Are Unpaid Invoices & Customer Debts Slowing You Down?

Monitoring and maintaining cash flow is an essential part of running a thriving business. Unpaid invoices and bad debts can lead to a business’s downfall. You need money to maintain operations, replenish stocks, and so on. A slight delay in cash flow can cause financial constraints and interrupt activities. The ongoing pandemic has further resulted in many cash flow hitches. Firms are struggling to stay open. And to counter these challenges, businesses have begun paying closer attention to cash flow issues by prompting their clients to pay on time.   A business is more likely to reduce bad debts by developing […]

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Difference Between a Grant and Business Loan + Alternative Funding

Running a business isn’t a simple thing, especially during challenging times. Business loans help you expand your company and take it to the next level successfully. In this article, you’ll see the difference between a grant and business loan so to come up with the best solution for your business.  Business Loans, Grants & Alternative Business Funding Options  Think of a business loan as funds that you can obtain from a bank, credit union, or another financing institution. This is an opportunity to get temporary access to working capital that you’ll be required to pay back over time and with interest.  When […]

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To Do or Not to Do: Is It Safe to Tap into a Merchant Cash Advance?

Reputation is king. Yet Merchant Cash Advances can be confusing for many small retailers and merchants. Public opinion is torn between their business-saving and bottom-line threatening capabilities. But come to think of it; this two-sided nature is a characteristic of all loan products. So the loan type isn’t always the problem; many other factors determine whether you benefit or plunge into bad debt. The cash advance product, however, has remained a sticking point for many reasons. It has a confusing reputation The cash advance model is still unclear for many merchants It uses factor rates instead of interests Can be […]

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How to Prepare Adequately for a Business Loan Application

You never know the critical role of business loans until your company falls between a rock and a hard place, and an injection of funding is your only haven. And of course, no one wants to plunge into a debt cycle in the name of saving their business. So you want to use some sure sources of commercial funding— loan products that can help drive success. Proper preparation is the key. Hurried borrowing can lead to business-threatening debt traps. And here’s the catch; if you (the borrower) can make a higher return on the lender’s loan fees, then the product […]

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What Qualifies As a Woman-Owned Business?

Woman-owned businesses are one of the leading sources that fuel our nation’s economy. More than ever, the US economy is dependent on the labor and dedication of women entrepreneurs. They are launching and operating businesses at an astonishing rate, executing with a great level of proficiency and competence. The National Association of Women Business Owners states that there are 12.3 million businesses owned by women in the US. According to the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion every year.  Helpful Resources For Assistance As a business, you are always seeking ways to grow and expand. And […]

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What to do if Your Business Did Not Qualify For a Coronavirus Relief Loan

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, it is estimated that about 70% of small business owners have attempted to apply for the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program or PPP. Those that did apply, 20% reported that their application for the loan had been approved and that those funds were deposited into their account on April 17. However, it was found that 80% were still waiting to hear on the status of the application.  About 50% of small business owners applied for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program or EIDL, which offers loans for disaster assistance. NFIB’s survey discovered […]

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Ensuring Financial Stability Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is inarguably the biggest trial the financial system has ever faced to date. This worldwide health crisis has produced an unparalleled “macroeconomic shock”, thrusting the global economy into a recession of an undetermined scale and period.  Because of COVID-19’s direct impact on businesses, there needs to be an aim to protect financial stability as well as its “liquidity”. In a time when the markets, operations, and revenue could be fast-changing, business owners must react rapidly to a change in cash and capital.  What You Can Do Now With the current COVID-19 crisis, you need to analyze what […]

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New House Bill Gives Business Owners More Time to Use PPP Loans

A recently passed bill in the House of Representatives has many small business owners breathing a sigh of relief. This new legislation, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act, addressed concerns expressed by entrepreneurs across the country. These business owners have been adamant that changes needed to be made around loan forgiveness – one of the main attractions of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The PPP was initially created by the CARES Act, the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief law. In early April, forgivable loans were first issued through this Act to small business owners struggling to stay afloat during the current […]

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Health Providers Need Business Funding to Weather COVID-19

As the current coronavirus pandemic continues, businesses are finding themselves in a tighter and tighter position. Most have had to either shutdown for a period of time or completely alter their service and product delivery methods. Restaurants, salons, retail stores, gyms and many others have had to quickly adapt and find creative ways to still engage with their customers and meet their needs. These unprecedented times have not only impacted the way businesses operate, but also the way healthcare is delivered. The current crisis is so dramatically different from anything experienced that it has even put the medical field in […]

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17 Small Business Financing Options Available

Small business financing can be found through many different avenues.  One major factor that will ultimately determine your venture’s success is financing. If your fledgling business is in desperate need of capital, take a look at these traditional and not-so traditional financing avenues to offer your enterprise a much-needed financial boost.  Alternative Financing Solutions: Community Development Finance Institutions: They provide capital to both small business and microbusiness owners with reasonable terms. They don’t need much collateral like traditional banks.  Venture Capitalists: This group assumes partial ownership of the company in exchange for capital. Percentages of ownership are up for negotiation […]

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