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How to Deal With a Data Breach

Data breaches are no more a surprise. The important thing is how you respond to them. The way you respond can go a long way in keeping your business away from major damages. What about a reliable and affordable bad credit merchant account? Who can get you one easily? This article will help you with all these. Data Breaches: What Numbers Show The 1st computer virus was called “The Creeper.” It was revealed in the early 1970s. Based on a 2016 report by FireEye, companies worldwide spent 146 days (on average) to detect a data breach. Did you know that […]

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Credit Struggles That Plague Business Owners

Are you faced with some conditions that aren’t favorable for business funding? What credit-related obstacles may appear on your way while you’re trying to obtain business financing? Where can you get reliable and affordable funding for your business? How can you get low cost merchant services such as a bad credit merchant account without challenges? Read this post and you’ll know. Business Struggles: Bad Credit Merchant Account JJ Ramberg, founder of Goodshop says, “There is no magic bullet in business.” As he further notes, the majority of people are concerned about things they don’t have much or any control over. […]

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Obtaining A Merchant Account with Bad Credit

Bad credit or not; business must go on! And if you expect to accept credit cards from your buyers, then a merchant account is a basic necessity for you. A merchant processor receives your credit card sales for a fee and links transactions to your business checking account. Every processor has their unique criteria for merchant account approval. Most of them will look at your credit. Luckily, some account processors will offer you a bad credit merchant account. Here are things to take into consideration when seeking a processor. Your Business Structure For C-corporations with an EIN (employer identification number) […]

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Get Merchant Services Even With Bad Credit

Are you a small business owner interested in how you can get a merchant account so to start accepting credit cards? Well, you should be aware that your credit can greatly impact on whether you can get approved for credit card processing or not. This article will tell you about good and bad credit, as well as how you can get approved for a bad credit merchant account. Your Credit Score Really Counts The results given by different scoring systems may have slight differences. FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) is a data analytics company based in San Jose, California focused on […]

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13 Corporate Dissolution Steps to Take When Closing Down Your Business

Closing down a business is a big decision. It’s critical to take the right steps involved in the process. The reasons may be associated with poor management, poor marketing, anemic sales productivity, poor cash flow, inadequate investment capital, imprudent cutbacks, poor supply and delivery chains, and bankruptcy caused by rapid expansion. If you’re closing because you lack the necessary working capital, consider applying to a reputable business funding provider like First American Merchant to get low-cost and reliable business loans to improve your situation. is also a respectable processor that offers exceptional payment processing services, including a bad credit […]

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Credit History and Credit Scores | The Best Way to Build Credit

Good credit history can play a crucial role when trying to get a mortgage, loan, apartment lease, or credit card. Your credit score is key to determining how much interest you’ll pay. Good credit demonstrates you’ve been financially responsible in the past. So, the higher your score, the more chances you’ll have to get approved for a loan with favorable terms. Credit History and Credit Scores The credit scores of Americans may undergo fluctuations over time. Different scoring systems may show slightly different results. FICO scores, which is the most commonly used model, range between 300 to 850. You must […]

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How the Small Business Owner Can Solve Bad Credit Issues

Trying to start a business with a bad credit history can feel next to impossible. Traditional lenders are unwilling to work with an entrepreneur with a less than stellar credit score. So, when the business finds itself in need of extra working capital for growth or expansion, the entrepreneur will struggle to secure a business loan. Unwilling to deal with the potential risks, banks will likely turn you away. Some entrepreneurs have a bad credit score from a failed, past business venture. Other reasons may include payment history, outstanding debts, industry risk, public records (e.g. bankruptcies and liens), etc. Whatever […]

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Alternative Funding Options for Businesses Suffering from Bad Credit Issues

It is true that a number dictates whether or not you can receive funding for your business. Your credit score, good or bad, determines your eligibility for financing. High scores mean finding funding sources will not only be easier, but you will also have a variety to choose from. However, if your score is low the variety narrows significantly – options can even become nonexistent. Unfortunately, you can’t treat your credit score like an etch-a-sketch and simply swipe and start over. You are stuck with it. It is possible, however, to fund you’re your business in ways that will actually […]

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Voice Biometrics Could Be Future of Data Security

High profile data breaches at major multi-billion dollar corporations have been increasing in frequency over the past several years to the dismay of security companies. Cloud data storage, complicated passwords, and conventional data security methods simply aren’t cutting it anymore. This is why security companies have invested and invested heavily in developing a new medium of security. Biometrics, incorporating impossible-to-fake aspects of, well, being who you are represent the best bet to tighten data security. One form of biometrics in particular, voice-based biometrics, promises to be the most secure and easy-to-use implementation for the future. Voice biometrics parallel most modern […]

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FAM Can Get Your Bad Credit Merchant Account Instantly Approved

A recent report showed that 63 percent of businesses seeking a loan chose a traditional lender, like a bank, to seek funding. However, only 23 percent of these businesses were successful in acquiring the loans. Even though the economy is in recovery, banks are still extremely conservative when choosing which businesses to lend to. This means that companies with bad credit have little to no chance of acquiring loans from traditional sources. Banks and payment processors will reject your merchant account or charge your business excessive fees for operating. Even if the BBB gives your business an A rating it […]

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