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Small Business Funding Simplified

Getting your first small business off the ground requires many things but funding is one of the most important factors. There are many ways to fund a small business. There are traditional options such as loans, venture capital investments and bonds and also alternative options such as First American Merchant.

The Small Business Administration offers several different loans to accommodate the needs of each individual business. Loans are likely one of the most common ways to fund small businesses. The requirements for obtaining these loans though are high and lenders often take long periods of time to make a decision regarding the loans.

While small business funding is set to increase dramatically in the next years as more traditional lenders focus in on small business investments, funding can still be challenging. Although there are several options from loans to bonds many factors can prevent your business from successfully obtaining a source of funding. Aside from transitional methods though there are other ways to secure your company’s funding.

First American Merchant provides small business funding to any type of business. First American Merchant offers a high approval rate, a fast, easy and renewable funding process, no hassle payback, a revenue based collection system and all with no collateral required or impact on your credit report.

First American Merchant addresses the needs of each small business individually. A financial consultant reviews each application and is a guide throughout the process. A flexible agreement is made allowing your business to always be able to afford payments.

First American Merchant is not a bank and doesn’t make loans, rather it provides a cash advance factored on the future sales of a business, based on the business’s account receivables. We design personalized cash remittances that adjust to your revenue.

So no matter what type of small business First American Merchant is available to help finance your company.

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