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Powerful Motivation Techniques to Inspire Your Whole Team

Team members respond best when they know they are contributing to a larger purpose, greater than themselves. They crave a work environment where their input is taken with respect and consideration. They want to continue to grow and develop their skills and creativity.

Since people differ in what truly drives them, a leader’s prime responsibility is to identify what those motivational tactics are.

Keeping both team members and leaders fully engaged in the organization’s goals is what will guarantee long-term success as well as weather the storms.

Here are 13 powerful motivation techniques to take your team to the next level.

Set A Positive Example

Leaders should be the first to dip their toe into uncharted waters and lead with confidence and courage. When team members see their fearless leader take the plunge and assure them that it’s safe, the team is likely to follow.

Get Employee Feedback

Are employees battling with unresolved issues and problems? Are they lost with the current battle plan and need clarification? Take time to have meetings with your employees to express any concerns, questions, or just come with new solutions.

Gamify The Experience

Some employees increase their engagement when there are rewards involved. It encourages competition and collaborative work.

Give Public Praise and Private Criticism

Laud team members in front of the whole team to encourage and challenge others to pursue the same behavior.  Employee feedback should be treated with respect and discussed privately.

Send New Types of Projects Their Way

Challenge employees with new projects they’ve never tackled before. It encourages learning and sparks creativity.

Maintain Transparency

Encourage employees to speak up for transparency and open dialogue. It is crucial to remind the employee of the greater goal and how they fit in the “grand scheme of things”.

Embrace and Unleash Their Individuality

By tapping into each individual’s prime driver and motivation, the leader is in the vital position of unleashing the employee’s greatest potential and strengths.

Ask Them How To Implement Their Ideas

If they have ideas, seek ways to draw out tactical solutions or implementation techniques to make those ideas a reality.

Connect Them To The Larger Vision

In order to see engagement, the leader should share their vision. Leaders should remind employees why perform the tasks they do and why it matters.

Invest In Employee Development

Gather your team together and pair them off to teach one another new skills. This is a wonderful way to allow employees to share new ideas and show-off their talents.

Offer Cash Bonuses and Prizes

However altruistic your team maybe, a little extra moolah in their pockets never hurts. If they hit quotas every month, consider offering bonuses and cash prizes.

Remain Open To Suggestions Through Active Listening

Being an active listener demonstrates to your employees that you are serious about them sharing their ideas, even though you would still make the final decision.

Show Them You Care About Them As People

Don’t take your team lightly. Take care of their whole person. If you address their health, wealth, and family needs, they will definitely maintain a solid happiness level.

So What’s Next?

Modern leadership in the 21st century has taken great strides in distancing itself from archaic, authoritative styles of leadership. By treating employees as vital parts of a whole, organizations are almost guaranteed a successful future.