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Payline’s Idea for Small Businesses

The Chicago-based ISO that is Payline Data have recently announced their wishes to attract small businesses to its long list of merchant services clients. They believe that the software-based card acceptance app with its “no swipe” mobile payments service will strongly appeal to those businesses who accept less than 10,000 payments each month.

Payline Data has become an early participant in Flint’s partner program. Flint prides itself on offering mobile point of sale acceptance – but how? The smartphone’s camera scans an image of the payment card, differentiating it from other vendors that rely on the hardware document known as a “dongle” in order to read swiped card payments. Payline is well-known for having clients whose businesses tend to accept between 10,000 and 100,000 payments per month. The ISO provides merchant services for larger businesses near Chicago, and has its own mobile point of sale service for that segment. Now, it is clear that Payline wants to attract more clients from small businesses. Jeff Shea, co-founder of Payline Data, says, “These businesses will likely have people moving around a lot to provide services and will be accepting payments while on the go. They likely have their phone with them, but might not carry a Dongle around.”

More research suggests that larger business typically have employees dedicated to payments, and would be more likely to carry the hardware around with them, as opposed to using a mobile point of sale system like smaller businesses might.  Payline Data’s decision may just put them into the same league as other major mobile point of sale providers such as PayPal and Tantrum Street, who offer a swipeless card acceptance option with a mobile camera. Ed Simnett, vice president of business development for Flint, says, “Working with ISOs puts more feet on the street for us. We want to make sure we’re efficient in how we get our product out there.” It’s definitely a high possibility in the success of both Flint and ISOs including Payline Data; but only time will tell.