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New Year Equals New Financial Goals | Merchant Cash Advance from First American Merchant

merchant cash advanceIf you are one of the thousands of small or medium sized business owners who let out a sigh of relieve when apple, peach or whatever dropped on New Year’s Eve, you are not alone. Many companies struggled in 2014 to keep their heads above water. To do this they held back on ordering new inventory, used adhesive tape to fix broken equipment and over-worked their existing employees such that they were surprised to see them back for the New Year. There is so much to do and so little cash. Have you thought about seeking cash flow relief with a merchant cash advance?

The concept may be alien to you but to those who have taken advantage of the program it has been a real lifeline for their businesses. Maybe you have gone to your own bank to see about getting a short-term loan. That was probably embarrassing. There is a universal truth written somewhere in the stratosphere that banks only lend money to businesses that do not need it. They hate taking risks. Lending money to someone who really needs it is a risk. It is a vicious circle. You would have thought the bank you were loyal to would be loyal to you. In the world of risk, there is no loyalty.

A merchant cash advance is the easiest, quickest and simplest way to cash when you need it – not when someone wants to give it to you. Qualify if you accept credit and debit cards. Get this – you can even qualify if you have a credit score below 500! You do not have to fill out reams and reams of paper for an application and you do not have to dig up any past tax returns or audited/unaudited financials. The best part is that most companies that get a merchant cash advance have their funds in their checking accounts within 72 hours.

So, what’s the catch? There is none. A merchant cash advance is based on the revenue you collect from credit and debit cards. The financial analyst will look at your gross receipts for the past six months and tell you how much money you can get. How simple is that?

You do not have one fixed payment each month. Your payment goes up when your receipts increase and goes down if and when you have a bad month. For simplicity sake let’s say you have a merchant cash advance with a payback percentage of 10%. The lender has given you a certain amount of money and he will automatically take 10% of your sales until the loan is paid back. If you have a $5,000 month the lender will ACH $500 from your checking account. Then disaster strikes. Old man winter dumps 15” of snow and business is at a stand-still. You only ring up $2,500 in credit card sales for the month. Your payment is $250.

You are not stuck with a high payment that you can make in some months but cannot during the slow times. It is the ideal arrangement!

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