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Merchant Cash Advance Program for ISO’s

payday-cash-advance-loansContrary to popular belief, a merchant cash advance is not a short term loan, nor is it a high interest advance. It is a sale. This sale is a purchase of your future sales at a discount. With 1st American Merchant Advance, both parties are involved in the agreement over the amount of that sale along with what discounted cost.

Why is this option better for me though, you may ask? For starters, if you have been struggling to get approval you may have better luck with a merchant cash advance. One of the benefits of this option is that the approval is based on a business’ performance versus your personal credit. It is not based on your time in business or your financials.

Having a business involves lots of organization and planning, having one less thing to worry about can make a huge difference. The last thing you need to do is to forget payments and have more things to add to that “to-do list”. With 1st American Merchant Funding, you can enjoy “no hassle” payback. You can save more checks by having your payments automatically held from your credit card transactions with no fixed monthly payment.

Are you a start-up still trying to get your feet underneath yourself? Then you will appreciate that an ISO merchant cash advance offers the benefit of the payments being a percentage of your daily sales. If you experience a dip in sales (due to the time of year for example), you will be paying back less. When your products/services are flying off the shelf, you will be paying back more.

1st American Merchant Funding is all about offering you a convenient and effective means of financing. Take advantage of the flexible payback of an ISO merchant cash advance. Look no further for the perfect solution to your needs!

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