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Merchant Cash Advance – Los Angeles CA: Having Options is Important

Cash Advances for Merchants in Los Angeles

merchant cash advanceIt’s 2011 and the recession may be on it’s way out, but business owners are still finding it hard to find financing for expansion and or survival. Banks are not approving business lines of credit like they used to, and those with even minor blemishes on their personal credit card being declined.

A merchant cash advance is a great solution for business owners needing financing. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, it’s a form of receivables financing that allows a merchant to sell a portion of their future credit card sales to us at a discounted rate.

We can get you up to $500,000 in as little as 10 days! We can even help you if your credit score is below 500 or if you have tax liens and judgements.

Our main office is in Los Angeles, so if you’re a business owner in Los Angeles we can meet with you face to face regarding your merchant cash advance. We also help businesses in all 50 states so be sure to call us today about getting a merchant cash advance for your business.