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Merchant Cash Advance for Dentists, Doctors & Medical Professionals

Merchant Cash Advance for Medical Practitioners

We specialize in merchant cash advances and business funding for doctors, dentists and other medical professionals. If your practice needs working capital for expansion or upgrades, we can help you get the financing you need.

In today’s lending environment, finding working capital for your business can be difficult. We are here to help! We offer business owners the opportunity to sell a portion of their future sales, for a discounted rate. This type of financing is called receivables financing and it’s a great way for business owners with less than perfect credit to get the money they need to grow.

As a medical professional you are often faced with the expenses of new equipment, continuing education and more. We understand the needs of medical professionals and we cater our financial services to your industry.

We can provide financing up to 4 Million Dollars and best of all, we can get you funded in 7-10 days.

To learn more about our merchant cash advance programs for medical professionals, fill out the form on the left and one of our finance specialists will contact you shortly.