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The Advantages of Being a Small Business Owner

If you’re a would-be entrepreneur, you have probably heard a million reason not to go into business. The internet, in particular, is filled with articles and publications cautioning about the pitfalls of self-employment, be it the risks involved, debt, a non-social life, and so on. But even with these uncertainties, thousands of new businesses are opened every year. In truth, the advantages of jumping into entrepreneurship far outweigh the risks.

Here are some of the best perks of being self-employed.

  1. Control

Business owners are typically Type-A personalities, i.e. people that like to take charge and make decisions, without always being answerable to a higher authority. In addition to not having to work for someone, self-employment allows you to steer the operation in any direction you deem best. Admittedly, having all that weight on your shoulders is no easy feat. But, with total control, you can create a culture, brand, and organization that’s in line with your vision for the present and the future.

  1. A flexible lifestyle

Many so-called experts highlight the huge amount of time self-employment demands from the entrepreneur, but hardly mention the flexibility that comes with it. Whether it’s working from anywhere, setting your own hours, or getting more time for your family, self-employment gives you the convenience of not having to follow someone else’s routine. If you’re a family man or woman, for instance, owning a business can allow you to be present at home, and still have a successful career.

  1. Choosing your workmates

Working for someone else often means you have no control over who gets to be in the office. If you find your co-workers unpleasant, your most likely option is to start sending out resumes. In self-employment, however, the decisions about who to hire or fire lie in your hands. You can, therefore, bring in the right people, who not only have the relevant skills but will give you the confidence and positivity you need to keep moving forward.

  1. Following your passion

Among the essentials to succeeding in the business world is doing what you love. Entrepreneurs rarely feel burdened by the long hours they invest in their business because they’re actually having a good time. Self-employment can help you make your dream a reality.

  1. With risk comes reward

Starting a business is risky, but with the right moves, it can also be gratifying. Like high-stakes poker, entrepreneurship is a combination of strategy and sheer luck, but the more times you play, the better you get. Down the road, you will learn how to identify the right opportunities from the wrong ones, sell your brand to your customers, manage finances, and create exit strategies for bad situations. And after you’ve overcome all the hurdles, the rewards will be worth it.