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Merchant Account Reviews – Merchant Services Reviews

Merchant Service & Merchant Account Provider Reviews

Are you looking to compare merchant account rates? Do you want an honest opinion on merchant services company reviews? At The Merchant Account Store you can compare rates and offers from dozens of credit card processing companies all in one place.

You can choose a merchant services provider with confidence because we back up all of our providers with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Credit card processing is confusing and there are literally thousands of credit card processing ISO’s to choose from.


  • There are many negative reviews on merchant services providers, due to the lack of communication to merchants about all the fees and rate structures that are involved in a merchant account.
  • Many merchant account reviews could be good ones, if the sales rep had explained correctly how a merchant account works. A new merchant should be informed about non-qualified cards and rates, PCI fees, batch fees and other charges that a merchant might incur while accepting credit cards.
  • At The Merchant Account Store you can get an honest review of all the top credit card processing companies and sign up for any of them under one roof, from our expert consultants.


  • There are many different offers, specials and rate packages offered from various credit card processing companies.
  • We will explain all the different free credit card terminal offers, free paper offers, free iPhone offers and more. We’ll help you make sure you choose the right credit card processing equipment for your business.
  • Compare all the different rate packages and make sure you get the program that best fits your business. We have no contracts, interchange pricing, 24 hour funding and more.