id_theft_credit_card_1364340560153_393010_ver1.0_640_480We are First American Merchant, the place where honesty comes first and you go home with a legitimate, legally formed merchant account for your credit repair business. The need for emphasis on ‘legitimate’ and ‘legally formed’ is imperative. This is because you should be wary of the many providers who prefer keeping their hands well-clear from both these words. We, at First American Merchant, take the simple route.

A credit repair merchant account is high-risk, something that must not be news for you. This will attract different merchant banks, with hefty promises. They will offer cheap services that involve side-stepping the rules and regulations, bringing to you an account based on lies and deception. As you may have guessed, this offers little or no stability at all.

Instead of providing accurate information, such providers prefer leaving out several parts, while stating only the false. Stating your business as a general consulting or copywriting business, paving your path to a so-called affordable account. However, these promises of low cost and ‘free setups’ are in all cases very short-lived. After a few weeks or even months, it will come back and haunt you in the worst of ways. As soon as the processor tries to verify your account, it will see the disparity in the information provided now and information provided at the time of setup. The transaction details will take off this veil, illustrating the true nature of your business. Before you know, all bells will go off and you will very conveniently land yourself in a blacklist that is virtually impossible to get off from. After that, redemption is a long road and you can wave good bye to any chances of you getting access to any credit cards.

So why go through such hassle and put your business at risk when you can simply get a legitimate account by paying only slightly more? With us, there will be no uncertainty as to when you may receive a letter saying your account has been seized. With us, you are quite effectively giving your business the stable base that it needs.

We only deal in accurate information, filing up your application in total honesty and letting the processing bank knows exactly what you deal in. Yes it will not be that cheap, and yes you will have pay a bit more but what you get in return is more than worth it. You deserve better, your business deserve better.

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