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Knowing Who and What Sets Your Business Apart


Everyone knows that all businesses have their share of successes and failures. While this is common, it is also wise to learn what you need to do to set your business apart from competitors in your area. Sustaining your business so that you can sustain your life, lifestyle, and reputation is another side of the scale that is not often as glamorous as the view of business ownership, as can be depicted in books and movies.

Do not have a bad first impression. It seems easy enough, but if a business is new, or if you are having a bad day, a bad “vibe” can lead to losing a potential customer. As with any new business, there will be those who will ask “What makes you better than company A?” Always be prepared to answer. It does not have to be a long, technical answer, but it does have to be a friendly answer to help draw in new customers.

Know what sets you and your business apart. While it can seem like you know what really sets yourself and your business apart, make sure you really know it. Make sure that you voice it to people in a friendly, confident manner. Speak clearly and with a nice tone. This is something you may need to practice, as for some people there is a fine line between having a friendly voice and having a “fake” tone of voice. Also, try not to sound scripted when telling people what sets your business apart from the rest. While it helps to have mental talking points, saying the same thing repeatedly can sound insincere.

Be honest. While having a lot of business is great, be honest with your customers. If you are too busy to handle a new customer, tell them. If you and your company are not experienced in something the customer is interested it, tell them. The customer will appreciate the honesty, rather than you trying to do the job and messing up.

Know your competition. Know what your competitor business is doing, as well as their price points. I am not telling you to send someone over to spy around their store, but do have a general knowledge of their services. This also goes back to being honest with your customers; if you know Company A will do something better, feel free to tell your customer.

By being friendly, confident, and knowledgeable, you can help set yourself and your business apart. This will not only help make a great first impression, but it can also lead to repeat business and referrals.

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