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How to Sell Credit Card Processing Service and Terminals

Selling Credit Card Processing Services & Equipment

If you are looking for a new career or you want to additional income, you may have heard about becoming a credit card processing agent. Selling credit card processing services and equipment can be very lucrative. Credit card processing companies pay outside sales agents large upfront commissions, plus residual income on all the accounts the agent brings in to the processor.

There are literally thousands of credit card processing companies on the market. There are just as many compensation packages, residual programs, buy rates, equipment offerings, bonuses, buyouts and more.

Choosing the right merchant services agent program can be difficult, and choosing the wrong one can be disastrous. We constantly hear stories of un-paid residuals, shady business practices and outright fraud.

Another common theme we hear repeated over and over from agents joining us from other companies is declined applications, and lack of technology. It can be very frustrating for a sales agent to spend their time and money on closing a deal and collecting an application, just to have it declined, or find that the processor they represent is not compatible with the merchants equipment or point of sale system.

As an agent with us, you can rest assured that your applications will be approved, and that we’ll be compatible with your merchants equipment. What makes us different? We have more choices, more providers and more savings than any other solution on the market.

From one portal you can access dozens of providers and select the processor that is the best fit for your business. We even approve high risk business types and bad credit merchants. We offer the same or better compensation packages than what is offered to agents from the processors directly.