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How to Run a Thriving Orthodontics Business

Kevin Davis grew up in Ontario and took part in many different sporting activities, a past that has a lot to do with his current job as an orthodontist. According to him, sports play a significant role in fostering teamwork by ensuring everyone knows what role to play, how to win together and bounce back after a loss.

Though his dad was also an orthodontist, neither of his parents influenced Kevin’s decision to follow the same line of business.  It was until his late teens that he realized his love for kids and decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur in his field of interest.

While pursuing a masters’ degree in Healthcare management at Harvard, he learned to think more like the consumer or patient, not like the physician because back then most healthcare services benefitted doctors more than the patients they served. So when Davis graduated he made up his mind, he’d set up a different kind of clinic—one that’s more “people-friendly.”

He now runs Davis Orthodontics, a Southern Ontario-based clinic with nine offices. When Kevin first joined his father’s company it had five workers. The number has multiplied to 100, and the firm has launched eight more offices.

Davis Orthodontics’ goal is to adopt practices that are reputable, rather than achieve quick growth. The firm ensures the selling practitioner keeps up their legacy and insists on keeping their consumers around for long rather than offering one-time services. A home doctor and a group of staff are designated to each of the nine offices. Kevin supervises the goings on in all the offices. This method of running operations ensures patients enjoy the benefit of being checked by at least two physicians for critical health conditions.

What then does it take to build a supportive and consumer-friendly workforce in the healthcare industry?

According to Kevin, you need to build trust and appreciate your team. One way to stay successful is to attract and keep a devoted group of real experts. Take care of your staff; they will take care of your clients. Meet all their needs even if it means taking a cash advance to cover payroll. That way, you’ll also get the attention of the market’s best players. The best advice for running a thriving business in this niche is; ‘Don’t be greedy.’ Catch the attention of competent staff and listen to them. Always learn from your slip-ups and take your time before making critical decisions.


Spare some time for you and your staff outside of work. It helps in maintaining the perfect balance between work and social life. Kevin ensures the company’s schedule allows all staff the free time to tend to their families and friends, and spend time together as a team.