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How can your business benefit from a counter top ATM machine?

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When considering an ATM machine, ask yourself many questions. Will this bring in more cash to your business? Can it increase foot traffic with a convenient location? Do you want a floor model out with all the customers? Or do you want a counter top ATM machine?

With some research, you can determine which will benefit you in the long run. With a purchase, you the merchant get to keep the proceeds made from the machine instead of a third party, making the purchase a doable thing, because in a few months the machine will have paid for itself.

Going paperless

We still use cash, but most of our transactions are processed with a piece of plastic. With that said, if you purchase that ATM machine, it opens up new venues’ for you to discover.

You can have it located for customer’s convenience on a counter top. With it at eye view, it will be used over and over again. You will need to fill it more often, but, that is a minor inconvenience compared to the usage and the money you can make from it.

You can also set it up to pay for purchases in the store only. For instance, it’s Christmas and a child would like to buy something for mom and dad. With a ‘script purchase’, the child can come through the line and have a ticket already filled with money to cover the purchase and mom and dad are covered for the holiday. The secret still safe and the child is filled with glee. You’ve just made a customer for life through this small convenience.

You have options

So, now you have options and everyone knows that customers love options.  You can use the machine as an ATM, or you can have script purchasing for in store purchases. You can also set it to pay bills for local companies. If you utilize the machine to benefit you and your customers, there’s no losing.

Of course, you will need to take care of the security for the ATM machine, and that can be dangerous at times. But, the pros far outweigh the con’s on taking on the counter top ATM machine for your business.

In the end

Having a counter top ATM machine in your business seems to outweigh the negative towards it. You make the daily proceeds from having the machine. You get more customers from local foot traffic and a conveniently located machine that will create spontaneous purchases. With a little extra security slipped in the scheme of things, daily operations can still run smoothly. Add the extra options of paying bills for the locals and you have covered most anything that machine can do.

Do your research and locate a counter top ATM machine that will work for you. Compare the prices and the technology and weigh all the benefits. There just might be more than what has been named and you can reap even more from having this machine around. Good luck with your purchase.