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Holiday Promotional Tactics from First American Merchant

The holiday season is the season of giving and receiving; also it is the season of booming sales for your business. Maximizing your holiday season sales can create a major impact on your annual bottom line. The smallest effort during the holidays can create dramatic rises in sales. Effective holiday promotional tactics can create tangible benefits in sales for your business, creating the resources your business needs to grow and develop. Here are some last second promotional tactics your business can use to help give a boost to sales this holiday season.

Online Marketing Tactics

The internet is a marvelous marketing and promotional tool. Viral is a magic word for marketing. Share buttons are the greatest friend of businesses promoting online. The goal is to get your content before as many eyeballs as possible for as long as possible. A classic approach to getting your content in front of potential customers is e-mail marketing. Building a database of current and past customers’ e-mail addresses and creating special promotions available to that mailing list will drum up sales as quickly as they can get into e-mail inboxes. If only one out of every 10 e-mail marketing targets subsequently makes a purchase your business will profit greatly from an e-mail marketing campaign.

The other great tool for online promotions is social media. Social media is remarkable for marketing in that it’s vary nature spawns chains of viewings of your business’ content that can carry on indefinitely. A majority of potential customers now carry mobile devices with them 24/7, even keeping them at bedside at night. This means your business’ promotional content can literally reach customers anytime and anywhere. Work on social media to generate buzz and activity on your content. Every click and every share can reap rewards in sales.

Offline Marketing Tactics

Online marketing tactics are marvelous, but at times difficult to understand and manipulate. On these occasions, classic offline marketing tactics can make the difference in your business’ holiday sales. A fundamental way to bring your business to the forefront is by gathering positive media attention. Do you remember how WalMart forced employees to work on Thanksgiving and created a backlash of potential customers boycotting WalMart on Black Friday? Your goal is to do the opposite and create positive media buzz. One fantastic way to do this is through supporting a charity.

By supporting a charity you not only improve your community, but you encourage customers in that community to support your business through patronizing your business and thereby creating a symbiotic relationship. If you support a charity or participate in charitable events get the word out to the media through press releases. Find the feel-good stories every nightly news show wants to showcase during the holiday season and thereby get your business on the nightly news.

Finally, special events at your business such as open-houses, raffles, and loyalty rewards for long-time customers will keep the holiday revenue stream flowing.

The holidays are a critical period every year for all commercial businesses. There is no excuse not to ramp up your marketing with some last second promotional tactics. Even the smallest marketing effort can exponentially impact sales and an effective campaign can completely change the following year’s outlook. Give your business the best chance to develop and grow by capitalizing on the holiday season with effective promotional tactics online and offline.

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