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At First American Merchant we specialize in high risk, hard to place merchant accounts. We have created an agent program for high risk merchant services that far surpasses any other agent program available.

Gone are the days of submitting a high risk deal and watching it disappear into the abyss known as high risk merchant services. At First American Merchantr we approve 99% of all applications submitted and we provide complete transparency online via our award winning CRM system.

With First American Merchant you can track merchants across multiple portfolios and processors. Not only can you submit high risk merchants, you can also submit your low risk deals to Tier I processors like Chase Paymentech, First Data, Intuit and more with direct deals and true Interchange revenue sharing, and track all the deals in one place.

Your high risk deals and declines can come to us, and that’s why we’re in business. We strive to find a home for any merchant, with any situation. We are experts in the high risk arena and can get your merchant processing and accepting credit cards quickly.

High Risk Merchant Services Agent Program

Earn 50% revenue share on high risk accounts
NO merchant turned away

Just a FEW of the merchant types we work with:
Bad Credit
Bail Bonds
Business Opportunities
Credit Repair
Debt Consolidation
Debt Collection
E-Cigs or Electronic Cigarettes
Electronics – Online
Herbal Supplements
Herbal Incense
High Volume
High Transaction/Ticket
Jade Sales
Multi Level Marketing
Medical Marijuana
Magazine Sales
Outbound Telemarketing
Trial Offers/Continuity/Negative Billing
Real Estate
SEO Services

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