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High Risk Business Loans From FAM

These days there’s a lot more to business loans than applying and qualifying with your local bank that a newbie merchant may need thorough advice when it comes to seeking out one. With traditional lenders only willing to partner with retailers in low risk niches; you stand no chance if your new venture is high-risk.

You will likely stumble upon the category “high risk business loan” in your desperate hunt for a micro-business loan. And from what you’ve heard; it is not likely the best product to settle for. But what factors make it a less-than-ideal commercial funding product, and how does it differ from a normal business loan?

Or what’s the difference between these two main loan categories and what makes you the high-risk merchant?

Well, it is the lender who decides whether you are “high risk” or not based on the business features. If the said features, according to the financer, may increase the risk of losing their finances compared to other standard businesses, then definitely they’ll put you under high risk category.

Just to give a couple examples, here are the minor considerations most lenders will look at:

  • Your personal credit as the business owner
  • The period over which your micro-business has been in operation
  • Your business’s annual revenue

Most times lenders have stipulated minimum qualifications to determine which borrowers qualify. It helps to ensure you and your small business meet the lender’s minimum qualifications before you apply for a loan.

First American Merchant is giving High-risk Business Loans

Because First American Merchant is not a bank, we tailor loans differently. We offer any business cash advance tied to their oncoming or future sales. Unlike banks that focus more on the value of your company’s total assets, 1st American Merchants cares more about your micro-business account receivables.

No need to worry about digging up months of financial credentials. You only need to fill out a short form. There are no application fees or collateral requirements. Moreover, your application can be reviewed and feedback given in the next 24 hours or less. Generally, you can have you funding deposited to your account in just seven business days.