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Do You Need To Offer Furniture Consumer Financing?

So, if you sell furniture, you must have the ability to finance your customers their goods. Let’s face it: Not everyone can pay for their furniture in full the second they purchase it, and without the option of customer financing, your business will not be booming. While you may think the option to provide financing isn’t realistic, it is – especially if you know where to obtain the ability.

With a consumer financing provider, like FAM, you can not only have a consumer financing provider for your high risk furniture sales company, but also a merchant account that understands your business.  FAM’s furniture financing program gives furniture companies the ability to sell affordable payments, attract more customers, and grow sales. Featuring many unique benefits, their furniture financing program helps you attract more customers by giving your customers an affordable way to pay for your product. Furniture financing gives you the ability to break down your total cost into affordable monthly payments, allowing you to appeal to those customers who may not be able to afford the full cost of your product today. If you don’t currently offer an attractive furniture financing program, customers are likely choosing a furniture company that does. Furniture financing provides you with the ability to offer your customers the purchasing power they need to purchase their new furniture.  With competitive rates and fast payment turnaround times, you’re able to carry on business as usual while providing a program that will help you increase sales.

Whether you are wanting to grow a new business or revive an existing business, you can grow with the ability to finance furniture to your customers. Instead of fearing that your merchant account will be in jeopardy from offering these services, be sure to have your merchant account housed with FAM – one of the top processors in the United States. Without the ability to finance, your business will not be the best it could possibly be.