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First American Loans From FAM

Small businesses are the engine of the economy. Very often, many small business owners are in need of business funding so to take their business off the ground or to the next level. So they start doing some research to find a reliable business loan provider to get access to business capital.

As for high risk businesses, as a rule, they have difficulty getting approved for a traditional business loan since traditional banks and payment processors refuse to fund such businesses because of the risks associated with them. Fortunately, reputable business loan providers like don’t shy away from high risk businesses and offer exceptional business funding opportunities to merchants of any type and size.

Business Funding from First American Merchant

If you’re interested in a First American loan, turn to First American Merchant to get the best for your business needs. FAM can help you get working capital without major difficulties. You can qualify for up to $250.000 in minutes. FAM boasts an A+ rating with the BBB, and offers the lowest possible rates and the best business funding solutions in the industry.

First American Merchant offers quick online application with digital signing and easy to use webforms; full support staff; and funding for all business types. FAM’s progressive web application is responsive, flexible, and fast.

First American Merchant’s Popular Cash Advance

Before we could proceed with our discussion, it’s important to note that Payday Cash Advances are personal loans and shouldn’t be confused with Business Cash Advances.

A Merchant Cash Advance or MCA is the purchase of your future sales. A certain amount in future sales is being purchased so that a business owner can have the resources to make an upfront payment. Then, you should start paying back the amount at the agreed upon fee as sales are made.

Traditional lending institutions and merchant funding providers like FAM differ in that the former have strict credit requirements, long wait times, complicated contracts, and require lots of paperwork. Besides, they don’t lend money to high risk businesses as it was already mentioned above.

Fortunately, you can often be approved for a Merchant Cash Advance in less than 72 hours and get the money almost immediately. No tax returns or financials are required. You should just prove your business makes money.

Bank loans come with interest. In the case of a Cash Advance, you have an agreed upon fee, which can be up to 30% of the amount advanced. Your payments come out of your receivables. So if you make more money, you pay the advance off more quickly. If you make less, it will be slower. In both cases, you pay the same amount.

There are three main ways to repay a merchant cash advance:

  • Split Withholding
  • ACH Withholding
  • Lock Box or Trust Bank Account Withholding

If you’re looking for the right method of financing for your business, do your research to find a trustworthy company like and make sure to understand all the paperwork.