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Enhance Your Business with ACH eCheck Services

Accept electronic check payments, increase sales, and reduce the costs that come with paper check processing by using ACH eCheck services. Using these services not only boosts customer satisfaction, but, it allows you to grow your revenue because you are giving customers another payment option by offering check and ACH transactions.

The Beauty of ACH eCheck Services

To understand the benefits, you must understand ACH, which stands for the Automated Clearing House, and eCheck services. ACH refers to the main network that processes most of the electronic payments in the United States. On the other hand, electronic checks are a form of payment. They are referred to interchangeably or under the same umbrella because they both make payments by means of transferring money from one bank account into another one. Since eChecks, which, in a nutshell, are electronic enhancements to paper checks, uses the ACH network to connect a payee with the banking institution. Since electronic checks are viewed as debit transactions, ACH payments are looked at the same way. When consumers use ACH eCheck services, you are allowing consumers to make payments for good and services by directly transferring funds from their bank account to yours. Doing this creates the most secure type of transaction that benefits both parties.

Other advantages to your business includes:

  • Upgrades to cash flow
  • Flexibility in payment options
  • Keeps customer costs down by offering a variety of payment processing solutions
  • Faster Access to Funds – ACH payments are converted automatically to electronic transactions
  • Funds settle in the same span of time as credit cards (typically within a day or two)

Other Benefits of ACH eCheck Services

When you are looking for a payment solution that offers greater processing, security, and speed efficiency, ACH eCheck services is what you need because it allows you to leverage the banking industry’s paper check payments system. This is important because the paper check system is based on a solid legal infrastructure, as well as long-established business practices.

ACH eCheck services is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses. Newer and smaller organizations often have access to fewer options in terms of electronic processing. Any bank customer that has a checking account can take advantage of this type of processing, so it something that any size business can offer.

Also, if you crunch the numbers, you will see that this is a cost-effective option. According to NACHA, which is the organization that manages and governs the financial institutions that fund these types of efforts, the average cost of an ACH transaction is about $0.11 each. In many cases, those merchants with average higher transaction volumes pay less. Unfortunately, the reality is that the processor you use determines the charges. Some processors only charge a fee for each transaction, others charge that in addition to a monthly fee or a percentage of each transaction.

The Final Word on the Matter

Don’t get overwhelmed with the many payment solutions and merchant account service providers available. If you are looking for a payment tool that is safe, efficient, and secure, ACH eCheck services are the answer. It is the best way to enhance any business while providing convenience to customers.

If you are looking for fast, reliable ACH eCheck services that you can trust, then contact First American Merchant (FAM). It is a payment solutions provider that specializes in working with businesses of all sizes and industries, and it works hard to come up with a resolution that works best for you. Its process is fast and efficient. Apply today to get started with the process.