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Difference Between a Grant and Business Loan + Alternative Funding

Running a business isn’t a simple thing, especially during challenging times. Business loans help you expand your company and take it to the next level successfully. In this article, you’ll see the difference between a grant and business loan so to come up with the best solution for your business. 

Business Loans, Grants & Alternative Business Funding Options 

Think of a business loan as funds that you can obtain from a bank, credit union, or another financing institution. This is an opportunity to get temporary access to working capital that you’ll be required to pay back over time and with interest.  When it comes to business grants, in this case, you get a certain amount of free money from a private organization, as well as from a federal, state, or local government. This is a nice option for those who need funds to meet a very specific business need.  

To decide on your eligibility, the provider will want to see whether you can pay off the debt in full. If you’re a high-risk merchant, things can be more difficult for you. This means you should expect higher rates and fees, and, in most cases, more challenging approval. 

Thankfully, there are exceptional business funding providers like that can help you know the difference between a grant and a business loan and make the best choice. FAM is an award-winning alternative online lender specializing in the high risk field and is classified as an A+ company by the BBB.

Difference Between a Grant and Business Loan 

Let’s see what basic differences these 2 funding options have so you can figure out which one to choose for your business projects:

  • The main difference is in the repayment: a loan must be repaid, which can’t be said about a grant.
  • Businesses’ demographics or industry are other critical factors for grant providers. As to loans, the provider will look at your credit score and the financial situation to approve you or not. 
  • For loans, you can apply to financial institutions and private lenders, but for grants, you need to turn to various governments and corporations. 

As you see, both grants and business loans can be the best fit for your financial needs. Before applying for them, it’s important to know the difference between these 2 options. Thankfully, there are also alternative business financing solutions to consider.