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Credit Card Processing for Online Merchants

Credit Card Processing for Online Businesses

Online merchant credit card processingGetting a merchant account for businesses that operate on the Internet can be difficult. Many processors and banks decline online merchants because of chargeback risk and high volume. Processing companies can be held responsible by Visa and MasterCard for unpaid chargebacks.

Here at The Merchant Account Store we specialize in helping hard to approve merchants get a merchant account. If your business has been declined by other processors or if you have been quoted outrageous rates because your business is “high risk” then be sure to call us today.

We have helped thousands of high risk merchants get approved for a low rate merchant account.

We have domestic banking relationships as well as off shore relationships so we can approve almost ANY business type.

For most high risk businesses we can approve you at the below rates and fee’s:

  •  ZERO Upfront Cost – FREE!
  • 2.99% + .25
  • $10.00 Statement Fee
  • $25.00 Gateway Fee
  •  $49 Annual Fee

Merchant Cash Advance Programs for MOTO/Internet Merchants

Many business owners that are looking for a merchant cash advance accept a majority of their cards over the phone or the Internet. We can approve these business types for a merchant cash advance today!

We have dozens of lenders in our network and we will work for you to get the lowest factor rate and the lowest hold back percentage. We have the highest approval rating in the industry. We are confident that we can approve any business and any credit type

How much can I get from a merchant cash advance?

For online merchants or businesses that accept a majority of their cards over the phone a merchant cash advance is a great way to get working capital.

As a general guideline we can advance a MOTO/Internet business 50% of their total gross deposits including cash and check deposits.

So if your business does 50k per month in TOTAL revenue you can receive up to 25k today!

How fast can I get a merchant cash advance?
Getting funded fast is a big advantage to a merchant cash advance. We can get you funded in as little as 72 hours!

Fill out the form to the right or call 1-888-785-6811 now to get started!