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Choosing the Best Merchant Account for a Restaurant

Payment Processing for Restaurants

Credit card processing fees can really eat up the profits at a restaurant! As a restaurant owner it’s important to make sure you are getting the best deal on your merchant services. Smart restaurant owners use a merchant services broker to help choose the right merchant provider.

At 1st American Merchant Funding we have dozens of providers in our network and we guarantee to find you the best offer for your business.

“Cost Plus” or “Interchange Plus” Pricing?

You may have heard about “cost plus” or “interchange plus” pricing, this is the most transparent pricing option available to business owners. On the merchant statement it will show the true “cost” or “interchange rate” that is paid to Visa, MasterCard and the other associations. It will then show the processing rate that is charged on top of that.

Most of the time this pricing model is reserved for merchants that process over 25,000 per month, however at First American Merchant we can offer cost plus pricing for any restaurant. Restaurant owners can get big savings from taking advantage of this offer.

Merchant Accounts with No Cancellation Fees?

At 1st American Merchant Funding you can shop for a merchant account without worry. Our 100% Worry Free Guarantee states that if you’re ever unhappy with the provider we set you up with, we’ll switch you to a new provider within our network free of charge.