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Business Owners Optimism Rocks! Get a High Risk Business Loan

Business owner optimism is the highest its been since 2004

US small business owners have never been so much away from pessimism over the 15 year in the history of the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index. What about you? Are you optimistic about your business? Do you need high risk business loans to avoid running into obstacles? This article will help you get easily funded and provide more info on the topic.

Business Owner Optimism

The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index survey is based on open-ended question that small business owners answer concerning their business. The quarterly survey held recently showed that the overall index score was +118. This is higher as compared to Q2 (+106) and Q1 (+107). Besides, the index is now above the record-high +114 in 2006.

Well, what do the survey results show?

  • Small business owners with very good or good cash flow: 69%
  • Business owners having increased the number of employees over the last 12 months: 26%
  • Small business owners going to increase the number of jobs at their company in the upcoming year: 35%, or the 2nd highest throughout the index history
  • Small business owners increased capital spending in the past 12 months: 32%
  • Small business owners going to grow their capital spending: 37%
  • Small business owners who thought access to credit was easy or very easy: 49%

Small Business Challenges: High Risk Business Loans

The Wells Fargo survey had also prepared open-ended questions concerning the most important challenges that small-business owners could name. Let’s see what happens when the categories of individual responses to the “most important challenge” question are included into larger themes:

  • More (24%) owners highlight issues concerning government policies and regulations than any other grouping of similar kind.
  • 15% name economic issues, which also refers to the difficulty associated with new customers acquisition, and just the overall economic state.
  • 13% cite issues concerning the marketplace, including competitors, marketing, and products.

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National Federation of Independent Business survey

What about the National Federation of Independent Business survey? The survey results show that compensation increases are still strong. What else?

  • 23% of respondents are planning to increase the number of jobs in the upcoming 3 months.
  • 23% think the only most important business challenge is finding qualified workers. This is close to the highest point in 45 years.

A survey from Gallup and Wells Fargo having been released recently found out that small business owners had a record-high level of optimism. According to Gallup researchers, small business owners’ positive attitude towards their current situation is evident.