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Business Loans Without a Credit Check. Don’t Lose Your Chance!

Have you got bad credit? Don’t fall into desperation! Bad credit doesn’t mean you have no chances getting approved for business funding. You can obtain a loan even if you have bad credit. All you need is to find a reputable business loan provider that offers loans for your bad credit or without credit check.

Consider turning to, an award-winning business loan provider and a payment processor that specializes in the high risk sector and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Are You a High Risk Business or Have Got Bad Credit?

Even though your bad credit can make it challenging to get approved for a business loan, you should be patient and not lose your hopes. The same refers to businesses tabbed as high risk. Fortunately, with First American Merchant, you can get the best for your business wants and needs even if you’re considered high risk or have a bad credit score.

Which businesses are labeled as high risk? Here they are:

  • Electronics
  • Credit Repair
  • Telecommunications
  • Bad Credit Assistance
  • eBooks
  • Warranty
  • Nutraceutical
  • Technical Support
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Airlines

Companies that are high risk or have bad credit sometimes get involved in illegitimate deals or turn to foreign or shady organizations to get business funding. To overcome the challenges associated with your bad credit or high risk business, don’t look further. FAM can help you take your business off the ground and grow without any difficulty. First American Merchant offers loans without credit check.

Business Funding Offered by FAM

First American Merchant offers different types of business funding. Turning to FAM, you can get approved for:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • ACH Program
  • High Risk Business Funding
  • Consumer Financing

Today, many choose a merchant cash advance as their preferred type of business funding. FAM’s popular merchant cash advance offers the following benefits:

  • Credit scores below 500 approved
  • Receive your funds within 72 hours
  • Simple, flexible programs
  • No tax returns or financials required
  • Fast application process

FAM’s popular ACH funding program is also called “Bank Only” funding. It allows to provide funding for merchants even if they don’t have a merchant account. To qualify, you should:

  • Have 500 FICO score
  • Be 6 months in business
  • Have 10k in gross monthly deposits
  • Have less than 3 NSF’s per month

High risk business funding offered by First American Merchant is another perfect option to get approved for financing. FAM understands the challenges that high risk business models face best of all and can help you get the best for your high risk business.

Small business owners are looking for ways to offer their customers financing, just like the bigger chain stores. FAM has developed a solution that offers merchants a unique opportunity for growth. Thanks to its consumer financing, FAM offers customers 3-, 6-, or 12-month financing. Merchants get paid the purchase amount within 3 days. There is no risk to merchants if the customer doesn’t pay. Customers can finance up to $5.000.

Take the time to study all the available options and choose the type of business funding that best suits your business needs.