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Business Cash Advance: Alternative for Bad Credit Merchants

A business cash advance enables borrowers to get financing against their future earnings. If you need fast financing and have poor credit, this is a go-for option for you. Let’s discover more about this type of financing and see where you can get a reliable cash advance. 

Business Cash Advance for Bad Credit Merchants

A business cash advance also called a merchant cash advance or MCA, allows merchants to get funds against their future sales. This type of financing doesn’t require you to provide collateral: it’s unsecured. 

Businesses with bad credit or no credit at all, e.g., starters, can apply for a cash advance from a reputable provider. You can see many restaurant owners, or those running a landscaping business, or moving company, turning to a cash advance provider because of the nature of the business they’re running. 

Cash Advance from FirstAmericanMerchant .com is a respected provider of business cash advances. FAM boasts an A+ rating with the BBB and is an award-winning leader in the high-risk field. FAM is more interested in your ability to pay back the funding so your bad credit can’t be an issue for FAM. 

Be aware that a cash advance isn’t a loan: it’s a sale of your future earnings at a discount. In this case, the provider and the borrower agree to the number of sales being purchased and for what discounted cost.

Here are the main reasons why you should choose a merchant cash advance: 

Small Business Loan

  • Stringent credit requirements
  • Long wait times to get access to financing
  • Complex contracts
  • Lots of paperwork

Merchant Cash Advance

  • Credit scores below 500 can be eligible 
  • You can receive your financing 72 hours from the application
  • Simple, hassle-free, and flexible programs
  • Tax returns or financials required

With, you can enjoy a high approval rate, fast funding and easy renewals, hassle-free payback, and revenue-based collections. What’s more, an MCA won’t appear on your credit report, and FAM won’t require any collateral, which isn’t the case with business loan providers. 

Merchant Cash Advance for Businesses with Poor Credit

An MCA is an alternative to traditional bank loans. If you’re a merchant without excellent credit, you can get funds as a lump sum upfront from an MCA provider and pay back the advance with a percentage of your business sales