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Benefits of Corporate Summer Outings

Celebrating their common success.Company outings are a great way to give employees a break, and summer is an ideal time to do that. Employees tend to get anxious when they cannot get outside in the summer to enjoy the sunshine. Curbing this anxiety is easier with corporate outings. They also offer some other benefits as well.

Keep in mind that planning a corporate outing can be expensive. Small businesses may be restricted from having company outings because they do not have the up-front funds to foot the bill. Companies do have the option of getting a cash advance from their merchant account to fund this type of outing. First American Merchant offers this type of service, and businesses can utilize it to plan great company outings. The investment will definitely be worth it.

Builds a Team Atmosphere

Employee outings are a great way to build a team mentality. Employees can develop meaningful relationships with one another on a level that would be much harder to achieve in the workplace. In a causal atmosphere, employees can relax a little and truly be themselves. In fact, one expert pointed out that on company outings, hierarchies tend to go out the window. That means that employees can ease up, even around their superiors. It also breaks down barriers that inhibit personal connections between superiors and employees.

Provides Time for a Break

Everyone needs time to relax, and this provides a time for employees to break away from regular routine. This helps with employee morale and decreases the occurrence of employee burnout. Once it is time to return to work, employees return refreshed and ready to work. As a rule, this results in happier employees and a generally happier team. It may even ultimately decrease turnover.

Increased Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees. In fact, one study found that happy employees were actually 12% more productive. In fact, Google has put an emphasis on increased overall employee happiness, and their efforts have increased productivity by 37%. Employees tend to enjoy having time to relax and socialize with one another. They begin to understand each other better, which means that they can work as a team even better. The outing is refreshing, which recharges employees’ batteries, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Companies should definitely consider having a company outing, especially when there are so many benefits.