The auto repair industry is a competitive business, but with excellent payment processing services, you can rise above your counterparts. For the car repair business, you need to be taking a range of payment options and ensuring your clients enjoy flexibility, but at the lowest fee available in the market.

Flexibility is particularly paramount because you are dealing with customers on the move. It means providing your diverse clientele with payment solutions across all platforms counting plastic cards, mobile, or checks fast and efficiently. You also need an integrated merchant service package that simplifies the payment process reducing administration time.

Finding Credit Card processing solutions for your automotive merchant account

It is wise to look through your options if you want a payment processing solution that will work for you. Instead of wasting time chasing banks, you can go for more lenient new-age merchant service providers like FAM. Furthermore, some of those vendors won’t even charge you a sign-up fee, and they have the most competitive rates in processing credit cards.

Mull over this list of benefits you can expect from most modern automotive merchant service providers:

  • No Setup Fees
  • Fair Processing Rates
  • Zero Monthly Charges
  • Flexible Automotive Merchant Services
  • Established Quality in Services
  • Round-the-clock Technical Support
  • In-House Risk Management
  • Up-to-date Reporting Features

Insist on Reliable Customer Support for Your Auto repair Credit Card Processing

Dealing with customers on the go means you need unparalleled 24/7 customer care and tech support. Only that way can you be sure you’ll never be left stranded when you most need the services.

You are looking for a service that will install everything for you and offer any assistance you need to take payments in-store or on the move. On top of that, you need an automotive merchant account vendor with an in-house risk management team to monitor solutions and proactively watch security 24/7.

Also, find out if their payment processing services are PCI DSS compliant. That is to mean your vendor should follow the strictest guidelines laid down by the Payment Card Industry Standards. You don’t want to compromise on compliance and security as they may lead to unnecessary hiccups and expenses because of the high-risk nature of the services you sell.

Wrapping up

Remember to go through the contract papers over and over before signing up for an auto card processing service. While doing so, pay attention to all rates and fees, seeking clarity for areas that don’t add up. You really don’t want to sign up for a service you don’t know its full cost.

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