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Accept Your Customers Checks Online or Over the Phone

The rapid innovations in the online payments platform are fueling the already blazing ecommerce fire. Right now, the only thing stopping you from expanding your bottom line is failing to adapt to the changing payment needs of the online shopper.

If only you could study your ecommerce business’s needs and meet them right, then you can complete more sales because you can take payment online from nearly all buyers whether they come with plastic cards or checks. Yes, nowadays, you can also accept checks online or using your phone.

Dealing with customers who pay with checks has never been easier. You no longer need to plan a trip to the bank to deposit those checks! With ACH check processing, it is much easier to convert your client’s check to an e-transaction and have the funds ready in your bank account in a few days.

Accept Checks in Any or All of These Ways

1-At your point of sale

You can now turn paper checks into eChecks at your storefront, or point of sale.

2-Through your website

eCommerce businesses can now take checks over the internet and add to their list of payment options.

3-Using your Mobile device

Accept eChecks while on the move, and instantly, using your phone.

4-Pay by Phone

Take electronic checks round-the-clock by phone safely and securely ensuring each customer’s confidentiality.

  • The Best eCheck Processing Solutions have the following features
  • Zero Set Up Fee
  • Should offer eCheck verification and Recovery services
  • You start taking eChecks on the next Day
  • You pay no more than $0.25 in Transaction Fees
  • Accepts High-Risk Merchants too

All eChecks should be protected. Your payment solution provider should also offer Verify and Check Recovery services to ensure you get the best package for fraud prevention. That way, you can validate account info and the available funds— and avoid pricey returns or NSF items—at zeros costs to your business.

What are the Pros of Taking Checks Online or by Phone

  • Secure Payment Data

All your checks should be processed through a secure payment gateway for eChecks to ensure customer data protection. Signing Up with the best service provider will make sure you enjoy safe and secure eCheck processing

  • Make more money

eChecks are a fast and efficient way to process payments even when your small business is closed. Imagine the ability to take payments from wherever you are, at any time.

  • Offers a range of choices

You provide a solution for customers who like to pay using checks. And not just in one way. Checks can be taken online in many different ways.

  • Receive payments Instantly

Take check payments immediately and have them deposit automatically into your account for a simplified payment process.

Wrapping Up

Eliminate all barriers between you and your customers by providing all payment avenues that ease the exchange process for both the seller and the buyer. That way, you meet the shopper at their point of need and streamline your payment taking process.