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7 Tech Companies Boosting and Fueling the Creator Economy

For many years, “big media” controlled entertainment and the news. Just in the past decade, this has all shifted. What most of us read, view and listen to is no longer focused on a small number of companies. We now find ourselves in the middle of the era of the creator economy – a stronger economy.

What is this creator economy? This term refers to individual creators like artists, podcasters and YouTubers. These individuals have achieved success by building a business around their personal brand and connecting directly with their audience. This has all been made possible through easy-to-use consumer software tools, social media and various distribution platforms.

According to SignalFire’s estimates, there are approximately 50 million creators out there today. Of that number, 2 million of them are doing it full-time. To meet these creators’ needs, many companies have developed tools to help these individuals succeed, freeing up their time and energy to pursue and monetize their creations.

Here is a list of the top companies that are helping these creators pursue their passion:

  • Buy Me A Coffee

This new business startup has created a payment system that enables creators to accept support from audiences through one-time tips or recurring payments. Thus far, 150,000 creators have successfully used this platform to set up memberships. 

  • Caffeine 

Video is the top tool for businesses and creators right now. Launched in 2016, Caffeine allows people to broadcast live video and interact with their audience in real time. These individuals can easily monetize by selling digital items to their followers. They are also able to join the company’s growth programs that can boost the number of followers even more.

  • Circle

Recently founded in 2019, Circle boasts that it is “the modern community platform for creators”. This platform allows creators to quickly and easily publish content, host discussions and cultivate a membership-based community. 

  • ConvertKit

This email marketing platform is specifically designed to help its users grow their audiences through email campaigns and newsletters. Creators can easily create landing pages, forms and automated sales funnels.

  • Glow

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity for creators, allowing them to connect with their audience. Started in 2019, Glow makes it easy for podcasters to accept support from their listeners. Through this platform, creators can build subscription pages and put content behind paywalls for audiences to access when they’re ready.

  • Moe Assist

Especially for the full-time influencer, tasks can become overwhelming – like any job. Having a tool to keep you organized is key. Moe Assist helps creators manage projects, track partnerships, create invoices and monitor revenue. Using this platform, creators can significantly simplify back-office tasks.

  • Clout Jam

Launched in 2019, this Toronto-based startup offers a dashboard that helps influencers manage their businesses, from tracking deals and organizing schedules to building out content calendars. Simplifying the tedious tasks, so creators can get back to creating. 

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