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5 Tips for Recruiting the Perfect Candidates for Your Small Business

Moving into 2018, small businesses are focused on their goals and aspiration for the New Year. According to a recent survey by Microsoft Store and SurveyMonkey, 90 percent of small businesses plan to hire one or two employees in 2018 – depending on their budget. Does your small business share these plans to hire additional staff? If so, the following 5 tips will help you find and hire the perfect individual(s).

Use Your Business’ Social Media

Do you know what interests candidates? Have you put your business “out there” enough for candidates to know who you are and what your business is all about? Start by listening and understanding candidates by engaging with them on social media. Facebook and Twitter are perfect platforms for this. To make sure your profile is visible, create a list of relevant hashtags to use on your posts.

Ask Your Current Employees to Help in the Search

You will be hard-pressed to find individuals more aware of what your business needs than your current employees. They know what skills the team would benefit the most from, and who will positively contribute to your company culture. Encourage your employees to recommend any valuable industry contacts they might have.

Take a Second Look at Your Offer

While money is a huge part of developing an offer candidates will be interested in, it isn’t the only thing you should offer. Start by making sure your offer is one that is competitive. Then make sure you are also providing a productive, inspiring workplace environment with attractive growth opportunities.

Invest in Quality Content

The key is to establish yourself as an expert; you want to show your proficiency. To draw candidates’ attention, invest in creating good, quality content. Your blog, for example, should offer valuable content that is also search engine friendly. You want these blog posts to share news about your company, details about open positions and any relevant information concerning your field.

Build Long-Term Relationships – Even if Candidates Aren’t Interested

Building relationships with your employees is a huge part of creating a productive, enjoyable workplace. However, it is just as important to establish long-term relationships with candidates who are not interest in your offer. Even though they have different plans right now, they will remember their positive interactions with you. They might come back down the road.

Having the right team behind your brand is so important – but it also costs money. If your small business hopes to hire additional staff this next year and needs to boost its cash-flow to do so, consider the many options First American Merchant can offer your business. In addition to flexible financing options, your business can secure safe credit card processing and ach e-check services. Start the New Year strong with the team you need to grow your business.