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2022 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Get Your Restaurant Up to Code with These 4 Financing Options

Whether you’re opening up your first restaurant or wish to update your current dining area,  it can be challenging to access the funding to do so in time to hit your launch date. Luckily, there are plenty of financing options available to you.  Here are four financing alternatives to consider when looking to upgrade your restaurant. 4 Loans to Improve Your Restuarant 1. Working capital loans If you’re ready to open your restaurant, but need a little extra money for fixtures or inventory, a working capital loan might be right for you. Working capital loans are low-interest loans for small […]

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6 Small Business Loans for Women

Having a better understanding of what loan options you have can help you increase your chances of getting access to the capital you need for your business. Small business loans from a reputable alternative online lender are one of the main options to consider.  Small Business Loans for Women When lenders approve you for a loan, they take into account various factors, such as credit history, financial profile, what you’re going to spend the money on, and overall business goals. Where can you get business funding for women entrepreneurs?  1. Alternative Online Lenders Did you know that the highest approval […]

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Everything You Need to Know About ACH Business Loans and Payments

Small business loans, ACH, payment processing, business bank accounts… There’s so much to understand as a small business owner. From making loan payments and choosing an ACH provider, these decisions can feel overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re a new business trying to get things set up correctly for sustainable growth.  Trying to sort out the details of ACH payments and small business loans can be confusing. If you’re currently considering these options, the following details will help you distinguish between the two and understand the ins and outs of each.  What is the Automated Clearing House (ACH)? The […]

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Merchant Cash Advance: Definition, How it Works, Types & Possible Downsides

Merchant Cash Advance(MCA) is a term used to describe a type of loan that allows you to use your cash flow to make purchases for your business.  These are small-dollar loans, typically with an interest rate between 15% and 24%. You can take out as little as $5,000, but some providers give out much larger amounts. How Do Merchant Cash Advances work? This type of loan works similarly to a credit card advance, but instead of using your credit card balance as collateral, you use the current value of your daily/weekly sales as collateral. Merchant cash advances are typically paid […]

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Merchant Cash Brokers

It might come as a shock to hear, but most business owners who get a merchant cash advance often don’t use the internet to secure one. In fact, they might not even be actively seeking one out. A smiling salesperson walks through their doors and shares information on the product and its benefits.  The pitch usually involves a friendly approach of the broker saying they’re there to help the business get some cash with flexible terms. They are able to quickly break down the ins and outs of how the advances and weekly repayments will work. For many businesses, the […]

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Loan Was Denied

So many businesses fail because they run out of enough finances. What if you applied for a business loan, but you got rejected? Below, you can find the main reasons for this so that you can start working on improving the situation.  Reasons Why Your Business Loan Was Rejected Non-bank lenders have approved more applicants in recent months than banks, according to the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index. Small business owners have more chances to get approved for a loan from an alternative lender than from a bank.  Reputable alternative online lenders like specialize in the high-risk field […]

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Is Instant Approval a Real Option for Merchant Cash Advances

When it comes to choosing a merchant account provider, it really is a game of the sooner the better. This is why many business owners are tempted to jump at claims of “instant approval”. These claims are often made by high-risk merchant providers dedicated to providing fast services that help small business owners. But should you be swayed by these claims? Will they really provide the quick solution you’ve been needing to operate smoothly? To determine if this option is right for you, let’s take a closer look at what this term really means and how it can impact your […]

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How to Help Your Small Business Get Better at Cash Flow Management

Your small business should be able to monitor its cash flow. This is the lifeblood of any business; without it, you’ll never know how much revenue is coming in and what resources you are spending. The good news is that cash flow management isn’t hard to do if you have the right systems in place. Here are some tips for getting started: 4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow Management 1. Draft a reasonable budget.  You may need to create a short-term and long-term budget for your company. A short-term budget will help you determine whether or not you have enough […]

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How Payment Analytics Unlocks New Business Potential

Payment analytics is a process of measuring, analyzing, and tracking payment transactions to inform business strategy and improve operations.  Retailers, financial institutions, and e-commerce companies use it to understand complexities like: how customers pay for products or services,  which payment methods are most profitable,  Why transactions fail where customers are paying for their purchases,  But that’s not all. Below, we discuss the far-reaching pros of payment analytics for a business. 5 Ways Payment Analytics Unlocks New Business Potential Payment analytics helps you expand your business in the following ways: 1. Track payment patterns across different markets and channels. Payment analytics […]

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8 Financing Strategies to Help Businesses Navigate Recession

When faced with economic shocks, it’s critical to take the right measures and follow the right financial strategies to overcome the hardships on your way. This can include cutting costs and applying for the right business funding opportunity.  Financial Strategies to Leverage A recession is a major decline in economic activity across the economy. It can last over a few months. A recession is associated with a dip in the gross domestic product (GDP), real income, industrial production, wholesale-retail sales, and an increase in unemployment. Here are several financial tactics you can rely on to help your business navigate recession-related […]

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