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2022 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Best practices to strengthen online payment security for your business

Most businesses find it more valuable to set up online bill payment options to improve profitability and security in this time and age. This payment option is also convenient for distant clients to access and pay for your services. With the advancing nature of payment technologies and improvements in cyber security, online bill payments and online shopping are becoming safer to use. This article details a few practices in how online payments strengthen payment security in your business. Ensures PCI compliance PCI( Payment Card Industry) compliance is an important security protocol standard for processing online payments. This compliance provides data […]

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Master the New Funding Rules for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

The covid 19 pandemic changed the business environment, especially for small and medium scale merchants. Survival for most businesses depended solely on turning to e-commerce. However, finding lenders to facilitate this shift became a hurdle for many small businesses as traditional lenders opted to lend to big established companies. This article demonstrates new funding approaches that are changing the capital financing environment to give small business owners opportunities of growing their enterprises. Funding Approaches First is important to recognize the difference between funding and a loan. Generally, business loans require security to access and come with complicated conditions for the […]

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