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2021 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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9 Options for Auto Repair Shop Loans and Financing

Do you own an auto repair shop? The importance of capital is something you must be well aware of. This article will help you with auto repair shop loans and not only so you can grow your business and avoid staying behind. Auto Repair Shop Loans Auto repair shops are in a highly competitive and complex environment. When running your company, you’re dealing with more than repairing cars. To meet the demand in your field, you should overcome the complexities on your way, which you can’t do without having the necessary capital on your hand.  So, what business financing can […]

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Quick 3-Step Guide to Choosing a Payroll Software System

Having the right payroll software for your business is critical. After all, it takes care of your most important asset – your people. Payroll processing and management takes a lot of time, and it can tie up a lot of your business’ valuable resources. It can also be a very complex task to keep up with. With the right software, you can streamline payroll tasks. So your team can focus more on other important projects that are key in further business growth. When choosing the right payroll software for your business, there are a few different factors to consider. Features, […]

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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to a Merchant Cash Advance

There are so many reasons you might find yourself here: looking for an alternative source of funding. Rapid growth, expanding to a new location, cash flow gaps, equipment needs and unexpected expenses are just a few common reasons why business owners turn to third-party financing. To complicate matters, many businesses find that traditional lenders simply won’t work with them. Credit history, lack of collateral, and limited time in business are issues that often cause them to be turned down. In this situation – and with ever-growing capital needs – many owners turn to alternative lenders. What is a Merchant Cash […]

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4 Steps to Get Your Small Business Loan Fast Financing

Running a business is one thing. Sustaining it is a whole other challenge. It requires meticulous cash flow management and availability of capital. At one point or another, every business finds itself in a tight financial situation. Sometimes, at no fault of their own. Whether it was uncontrollable economic changes or slow-paying customers, there comes a time when it is necessary to seek outside funding to keep operations running smoothly. Many business owners first turn to a bank loan. However, there are many alternative lending options today that business owners should consider. Before setting your sights on any one option, […]

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