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2020 April Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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10 Strategic Hotel Financing Options During COVID-19

The hotel industry among others has felt the greatest negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, the economic uncertainties are still ahead. If you need financing for your hotel business, this article will help you with some hotel financing options during COVID-19. Hotel Financing Options During COVID-19 The decision to close hotels and several other businesses has brought a disruptive effect of the travel ecosystem. So, the tourism industry worldwide has been hurt a lot. The Federal Reserve has recently lowered the interest rates to a significant extent, and the prime rate was 3.25% as of March 20, 2020. This […]

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Get Merchant Loans for Your Business

If you need additional working capital that can help you start your business and keep it running, expect to find more than one option. Since merchant loans and a merchant cash advance (MCA) come with several differences, this article will tell you about them in detail. As a result, you’ll figure out which option can best fill the gaps in your cash flow or serve for other purposes. Merchant Loans & Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) When shopping around, you’ll find a variety of loans available to business owners, including short and long-term loans, secured and unsecured loans, and lines of […]

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The CARES Act For Your Small Business

It is not easy to run your business as usual when Coronavirus has created serious disruptions in the order of operations. For many business owners, the catch is to continue serving their customers and rake in profits as usual, in a relatively volatile economy. And of course, money is the major bone of contention—many merchants would appreciate the convenience of a lump sum of commercial funding but most lenders are not well-placed to offer it. Nevertheless, the Federal Government leveled the field for US small businesses on March 27 when President Trump approved the CARES Act. The approval of the […]

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Is a Merchant Loan Right For Your Business?

Are you looking outside your company for additional working capital? Any business may need financing to improve cash-flow problems or for other purposes at some point in time. This article will help you draw a parallel between 2 popular types of business financing, a merchant cash advance and a loan. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) First of all, remember that an MCA isn’t a loan. A merchant cash advance was originally called to serve as a lump sum payment that business owners could obtain in exchange for a set percentage of their future credit/debit card sales. One of the top advantages […]

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5 Alternative Funding Options for New Small Business Owners

Small business owners need funding options So much creative thinking and careful planning go into launching a new business. However, starting a small business is just as challenging as it is thrilling. As you maneuver through the early days, you are bound to face many obstacles, like finding the right source of funding for your business type and industry. Without enough capital, you will be unable to materialize your business ideas. Secure your funds Securing business funding for a startup is not an easy or straightforward task. For many, it is one of the biggest challenges of all. Traditional lenders […]

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Could a Merchant Cash Advance Be the Answer to Your Cash Flow Needs?

Your Business Cash Flow Contrary to what many business owners assume, a merchant cash advance is not a loan. Essentially, this financing options allows you to secure immediate cash in exchange for your business’ future credit card sales receipts. You are selling the revenue of your future credit card sales to secure an immediate payment for your business working capital needs. Many seasonal businesses and those that experience cyclical sales turn to merchant cash advances. Business types and industries that are considered high risk also turn to this financing option; merchant cash advances are often offered by high risk specialists […]

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5 Creative Sources To Get Business Funding

Get the business funding you need If one of your dreams is to own a business in the US, then funding is undoubtedly among the major stumbling blocks you’re dealing with. A business is a venture, which means you have to put in some capital— to get it up and running—and then keep funding its operations for as long as it lives. And because money is always a limited resource, it takes a smart entrepreneur to weather financial storms every time they strike. You have to search in all places and go the extra mile because sometimes, your remedy is […]

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Ways to Minimize The Impact of Coronavirus on Your Business

Business Interruption and COVID-19 With stores shutting down to control spread and stocks plummeting at alarming rates, it’s hard to ignore the economic repercussions of COVID-19. No wonder on March 2, 2020, the Federal Reserve announced a 50 basis-points reduction in Federal Funds interest rates—the largest rate-cut it has made since 2008. The recent decrease places interest rates somewhere between 1.0 percent and 1.25 percent. But while that desperate move may try to hold the fort for America’s economy amid the Coronavirus crisis, citizens and businesses are still victims in many ways. “A broken Supply Chain.” Q1 of 2020 has […]

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How to Get a Business Cash Advance and Bridge the Money Gaps

Your business is not broke, neither are you! The problem for many merchants is that the need for money is often out of sync with the availability of funds. And that could happen for a couple of reasons— even your own mistakes. But no one is perfect (except in CVs and Resumes, where almost everyone shines). Such hiccups happens even to the most careful business owners. The difference, often, is that while one retailer is prepared to act fast and thoughtfully, others don’t even know where to start. A Merchant cash advance is so far the best way to weather […]

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COVID-19-Business Funding For Your Business | The Cares Act

The COVID-19 virus has caused catastrophic damage, amassing tens of thousands of casualties around the world. In addition to the tragic loss of life, the global economy continues to suffer a violent disturbance as millions of people are ordered to stay home and have little contact with others, much less frequent their favorite businesses and shops. As a result, many small businesses have suffered a disastrous loss of revenue, with little hope for recovery. Some may survive the outbreak, but a larger amount may have to shut operations for good. Despite the outbreak’s implications on small businesses, there is hope […]

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