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2020 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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5 Tools to Help You Get Your Business Finances in Order

Streamline Your Small Business Finances Are you starting a new business and are not sure how to get your company finances in order? Do you own an established business and need to streamline your processes? Knowing what changes to make and using the right technology can make all the difference when keeping track of your small business’ information. As a small business owner, your time is limited. Paying attention to the following details and utilizing the tools below will help you significantly streamline your money habits, so you can focus on your business goals more and your bank statements less. […]

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How Can I Get a Business Loan With Bad Credit

High risk business loans are more challenging to obtain than traditional ones. The good news is that there’re exceptional alternative online lenders that can make things easier for you. This isn’t rocket science: let’s move forward to learn more together. Risky Businesses: High Risk Business Loans Every business, no matter new or established, may be in need of some working capital at some point, let alone emergency situations. E.g., small businesses have been hit by and economically harmed because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Of course, small businesses and nonprofit organizations can qualify for economic injury disaster loans in the […]

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Where to Get a High Risk Business Loan

If you’re labeled as a high risk merchant, you can still explore high risk business lending solutions for your company. Today, there’s a myriad of alternative high risk business loan options that you can use to get the necessary financing for your high risk business. Let’s move forward to find out more. Where to Get a High Risk Business Loan Having easy access to the necessary funds is among the top issues any business owner can face. This is especially true of merchants tabbed as high risk. High-risk business financing options such as merchant cash advances (MCAs) are a great […]

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Biggest Fraud Threats Facing Merchants

The year 2020 is gearing up to be a banner year for eCommerce fraudsters. As technology continues to both advance and evolve, fraudsters are coming up with more innovative ways to steal from honest merchants.  In the “eCommerce Fraud Trends 2020” report published by the Merchant Fraud Journal, they dive into some of the perpetrators’ latest schemes. Some of their newest tactics include synthetic identity fraud and SIM card swaps. Other modes of attack involve “wannabe hackers” going into the dark web to buy personal information, credit card numbers stolen via algorithms and then directly sold “anonymously” on the dark […]

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How to Use Funding for Your Small Business

So you have been approved for a loan and you are now itching to use this fresh injection of cash to take things to the next level. So where do you start? Before you jump feet first and begin spending with abandon, seriously consider what your overall business goals are. Doing so will keep you disciplined and focused on only directing funds where you need it most. One of the primary goals of any business in existence is growth. Ask yourself where this much-needed influx of cash can be used to facilitate expansion. What investments can you make that will […]

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What Is A Working Capital Loan?

Working Capital Loans are loans that are used to fund the everyday operations of a business. The purpose of these loans are not used to purchase major items like “long-term assets” or even investments, instead they are used exclusively for operational needs such as paying the rent, any debt, and payroll. They are considered “corporate debt borrowings”. Working capital loans are accessible in many forms. Some of them include: a term loan, a business line of credit, business credit cards that allow business owners to earn rewards, and invoice financing which is a type of short-term borrowing based on unpaid […]

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How A Referral Program Can Help Increase Business Cash Flow

Referral programs are great for boosting brand awareness and reputation to enjoy higher ROI (return on investment) and increase business cash flow. Let’s see how you can do this. Increase Business Cash Flow With a Referral Program Positive cash flow guarantees successful growth for your business. Referral marketing programs can be of great help when trying to increase your company’s cash flow. Let’s see how these programs can help you: Send out the invoices quickly so the cash will come in without delay. Offer a type of incentive to both the customers and their referrals. Grab attention by using catchy […]

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6 Ways to Reduce Your Debt as an Entrepreneur

Who said running a business is easy? Knowing how to properly reduce debt is one of the challenges for business owners. Below, you can find helpful tips to avoid cash flow issues as much as possible. So, let’s start. How to Successfully Reduce Business Debt Very often, entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of managing business finances. When bound to deal with some ups and downs concerning your cash flow, use the below-mentioned tips to overcome the obstacles easily: Set clear goals. Build a plan, taking into account your budget. Start by analyzing your budget. See whether you’re making some […]

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