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2019 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How to Know if a Business Credit Card is Right for You

There are many reasons why business owners turn to a business credit card. They offer rewards and business-specific perks, while also helping you build a business credit history. Some even offer introductory 0% APR promotions to help you save on interest. It also offers merchants the financing they need when traditional lenders turn them away. Banks are often hesitant to lend to small businesses and startups; they simply lack the financials and history they want to see before providing them with cash. As a result, the business owners are left without a traditional source of financing. Business cards offer a […]

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Best Merchant Cash Advance for Summer Business Ideas

Why not become your own boss this summer and earn some extra money? What are some of the best small business ideas for summer 2019? Where can you get the easiest-to-obtain and cheapest merchant cash advance so to make your business idea a reality? If you’re interested in all these, you’re at the right place! Business Ideas for This Summer Summer is knocking at your door! Vacation, fabulous sandy beaches, lots of travel, endless fun and joy. What about taking advantage of warm weather and starting a business this summer? Below you can find several “warm” business ideas to try […]

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Get a Business Cash Advance You Really Deserve

Are you a merchant who needs fast business financing? Well, you must be well aware that you won’t be able to find many options, mustn’t you? So, how can you avoid traditional lenders, which aren’t quick with payouts? Just follow the lines below and you’ll learn how to get a business cash advance as a perfect solution to your case. When Merchant Cash Advance Is the Best Answer Why wait for a lifetime to get finally approved by a traditional lender? After all, you can use a business or merchant cash advance. Importantly, many call a merchant cash advance or […]

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Discovering What Your Customers Want and How Merchant Funding Can Help

When marketing your business, you should anticipate and acknowledge your customer’s needs even before they know what they really need. If done correctly, this impacts positively on your business progress and profits. Customers are usually deficient in determining what they want. Their inability to express their desires makes it hard for you as a marketer to really know what they need. You can get around this problem by asking the customers what they don’t want. An old notion has been going around for years that the best way to know what the customer wants is by asking them what they […]

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Business Cash Advances: How They Work

As a business owner, you may face certain situations that require you to have access to a source of instant cash. It may be the need to expand due to the increasing numbers of clients or a fire disaster that you need to recover from as fast as possible. Whatever the reason, things get more manageable if you have a source of instant cash. Bank loans usually are not helpful due to the lengthy processes involved before approval; your credit history may be unimpressive too, reducing your chances of the loan. Do not despair, a Merchant cash advance (MCA) is […]

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Credit Reporting Agencies: Why Are They Important to your Business

Attaining a high credit score is every small business’s dream. A recent survey by manta shows that 72% of micro-businesses have no idea about their credit score, nor do their owners have separate credit scores for business and personal use. Loans are just one reason you must build a strong credit score. Secondly, a desirable credit score goes a long way in upgrading your business. Your credit score will determine if your partners will trust you with large projects or even extend your credit. Get started on your business credit score today to grow your business to greater heights. What […]

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3 Ways To Better Your Site With Google Analytics

You know you are supposed to improve your website, but you don’t know where to start? The remedy is to start with the data. You don’t want to play hit-or-miss with your site guessing what you think you need. The best you can do today is to draw insights from user behavior; follow this route, and you’ll be headed the right way. Google Analytics (GA) allows for stress-free analysis of websites data with charts and graphs. About 40 million sites use Google Analytics with more and more merchants adopting the trend every year. However, despite the high number of users, […]

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The Small Business Loan Checklist: Here’s Everything Your Lender Is Looking For!

How do you get hands on a small business loan without hassling from lender to lender? Your ability to pay back is key! Banks are more interested in your capacity to settle a loan than anything else. Here’s what they go through: Bank statements Business assets Debt utilization Practicality of your business plan Financial statements Business and Personal Credit Scores Your loan requests are not bearing fruits because the lender is not able to easily determine your creditworthiness. Make sure all the information you provide is accurate. Double-check from the most seemingly basic info like your name, phone number, tax […]

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Is it Okay to Accept Investment Capital from Your Partner?

You’ve just gotten married, or you’ve been together for a while and your thinking of increasing your sources of income. You talk to your spouse about starting a business, and he/she is excited and offers monetary assistance. What are some of the responses you would give to him/her? Research indicates that one of the reasons for stress in relationships is money. Constant arguments on cash can be used as a predictive factor for divorce. Nevertheless, it is important that you invest in your life partner and share in his/her dreams to strengthen your relationship. Let’s look at some of the […]

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How to Handle Cash Flow in Your Construction Business?

In the past years, the construction sector has been experiencing immense growth raking in more than $1.2 trillion in 2017 alone. However, challenges are limiting construction startups and growing companies obscuring them from sharing in the huge success of the industry. The most prominent of these challenges is managing cash flow. In a recent survey by kabbage, 28 percent of companies reported cash flow as a major challenge in their first year of business outweighing the difficulty in finding new clients. Here are some of the reasons the construction industry comes by cashflow problems: Having cash that’s tied up in […]

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