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2018 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Alternative Business Loans: Funding When The Bank Says No

Which funding product have you been going for lately? Is it working for your business or do you feel like you need a better option? Well, there are alternative business loans to go for. Have you heard of MCAs, also known as Merchant Cash Advances? Well, you must be curious to understand why this new-age business financing option is taking over other popular forms of micro-business funding and why merchants are increasingly choosing merchant cash advances over small business loans. Many retailers mistake a merchant cash advance for a short-term loan, or maybe a high-interest advance. But in reality, it […]

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Apply for a Business Loan Online

Technology has revolutionized all the spheres of life. Everything is changed. The way you apply for a small business loan couldn’t be an exception. Today, you’re given an opportunity to apply for a business online. How can you do this in the best way? Just read below and you’ll know. Apply for a Business Loan Online Access to business funding is a highly important component for your business growth. If you lack the necessary working capital, you won’t be able to thrive. Thankfully, apart from traditional banks and financial institutions, there’re alternative online lenders as well in our modern days. […]

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Get Cash in Three Days with a Merchant Cash Advance

The merchant cash advance industry extended capital to small businesses, taking in $3 to $5 billion in revenue in 2015, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation’s 2016 Financially Undeserved Market Size Study. The Great Recession, which was caused by the financial crisis that started in 2007 and the subprime mortgage crisis in the U.S. that continued through 2009, ended with the collapse of the world economy’s banks and a severe loss of valuable assets. Due to the recession, bank regulations became stricter and fewer people, especially small businesses, had a more difficult time getting loans, mortgages, and credit. […]

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Accounts Receivable Financing: What You Should Know

Do you need to use accounts receivable financing for your business? What’s important to know about this type of business funding? How you can you obtain it easily and affordably? Just read below and you’ll know. Accounts Receivable Financing/Factoring Small business owners realize the need to receive funding to grow their businesses and avoid cash flow shortages. Accounts receivable factoring can often help business owners overcome hard financial times with ease. What is accounts receivable financing or factoring? This is one of the oldest forms of commercial finance. It’s also called accounts receivable funding. In fact, accounts receivable factoring can […]

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Run Your Small Business Successfully

New startups appear each and every day Young entrepreneurs usually think starting a business is the quickest way to success. Startups are vulnerable especially in the early period of development. This is especially true of those entrepreneurs who lack previous experience in running a business. So, what’s important to follow so to reach success? How can you run your small business without challenges? Have a System for Task Management Implement a system of task management so to get your to-do list under control easily. Otherwise, you’ll risk losing customers, vendors or even your mind. Focus on Your Finances Did you […]

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Get a Merchant Cash Advance to Pay Expenses

If you have good credit card sales but your business hasn’t established itself long enough to qualify for a traditional loan or you need cash and you don’t have great credit, consider a merchant cash advance . A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a quick way for small businesses to get the capital they need. If you are looking for a convenient way to grow your business or temporarily sustain cash flow, get a merchant cash advance. How a Merchant Cash Advance Works A MCA is an advanced payment against the future credit cards sales of your business. It is […]

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Business Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Women own more than 11.6 million of the firms in the United States, employ nearly 9 million people, and generate $1.7 trillion in sales, according to the 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, which was commissioned by American Express Open. Each year the number of women entrepreneurs grows and projections expect the numbers to continue to climb. Despite this, getting business funding for women entrepreneurs can be a real challenge. Only slightly more than 4% of dollars lent to small businesses each year are companies owned by women, according to a report prepared for the U.S. Small Business Administration and […]

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Business Equipment Loan: Solutions To Replace or Update Equipment

Technology is always evolving, and equipment and machinery is always being improved and upgraded to make things faster, more productive, and efficient. No matter what industry you are in, there is going to be a time when you need to upgrade or replace the equipment you use. Unfortunately, improvements and replacements can be expensive and long waits get new equipment costs businesses even more if they can’t do their jobs. When a business needs to buy new equipment, sometimes a business equipment loan is the best way to pay for it. Business equipment loans are an especially good option for […]

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ACH Business Loans Give Access to Working Capital

Businesses that wants to expand operations, unroll a new product, or hire new team members can fund their project with the help of ACH business loans. These loans are popular funding solutions for small and midsized businesses because they provide quick access to working capital and they don’t need to put up any collateral. Unlike traditional loans, many lenders, such as First American Merchant, will approve ACH business loans in just a few days. Startups and smaller businesses, which don’t have long business histories and have little or poor credit, also are drawn to these loans because they don’t require […]

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How to Apply for a CFLL License

As of January 2019, any entity that engages in lending in California will need to be licensed. Basically, if you are a lender or a lender broker doing business in California, like we are at First American Merchant, it will be mandatory to have a finance lenders license if you plan on doing this type of business in the state. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, commercial financial lenders, including merchant cash advance lenders, must obtain a California Finance Lenders Law (CFL) license and adhere to stricter state disclosure requirements. The changes aim to protect potential borrowers from unfair and misleading lending […]

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