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2014 October Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Bad Credit Shouldn’t Stop Your Business | Bad Credit Merchant Account Instant Approval

If you run a business and deal in cash or checks only, then this is fine if it works well for your business. However, if you want to expand your business and grow your customer base then you will need to increase your customer payment options, which will allow your customers the choice for how they choose to pay for the goods and services that you provide, with either cash or credit and debit cards. The merchant company you choose will have their own conditions they will require you to meet, before they will accept you as a potential client. […]

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Finding The Perfect Merchant Account for Your Car Mechanic Shop

Starting any sort of business can be daunting and finding the right merchant provider is just one of the tasks you must do, this ensures your customers have options to enable them to pay for their goods or services that you provide. If you want to start your own car maintenance business, as long as you are able to repair and maintain cars, finding the right merchant account is just the start of the other side of the business you will need to address. If all you want to do is to fix cars, then running your own business might […]

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Dealing With Bad Credit, But Need A Cash Advance

Businesses need to grow and mature, learning skills along the way. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, a payment missed or arrived late can have a disastrous effect on the credit history of the company, making the possibility of future credit from the traditional sources nearly impossible. This can have a negative reaction for a business that is trying to grow and expand. A bank isn’t going to lend money for future business developments because of the now higher risk status. There is an answer, there are alternative means to get the cash for the business growth and development that is not subjected […]

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Have You Thought About Owning An ATM?

It is possible to own your own ATM; it works very similar to a payment terminal but doesn’t actually hold any cash. The terminal gives out receipts, which are useable only in your place of business. You set limits on the amount of money withdrawn and if payment is less than the amount on the slip then you are obliged to give the customer the change. You set the limit to what you think your average customer can afford, this has to be in multiples of $10 dollars with the average set around the $20 dollar mark, some businesses go […]

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Is Your Hobby Your Dream Job

Taking your hobby to the next level is many people’s dream, but in reality, this isn’t always the best move. While the concept seems good in theory, what actually happens when you take your hobby to become your job, it needs to make money, it can quickly take the fun out of what was once an enjoyable hobby. If you are considering turning your hobby into a full time business, it is important that you have considered all the potential problems, which you face. If you are comfortable with this concept, then moving forward to the next stage is taking […]

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Do You Have The Winning Business Concept | Merchant Cash Advance

With individuals who are desperate to get out of the rat-race and start their own company, the speed in which they act could harm the business potential of the company they create. This is because the business plan isn’t in enough detail. Filling all the areas of a business plan is key before you more forward with your business. The areas to pay the most attention to must be the marketing and the finance sections. The key to any business venture is that you have given enough thought to the marketing plan; you need to know where you are going […]

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Opportunities You Won’t Want To Miss Including Merchant Loans for Start Up Business

If you think starting a business is only for those people who have the money and the time to start their own business, you would be wrong. While many new businesses do start with the minimal costs initially paid for by the business owner, some businesses can take minimal amounts to set up and you might not need to fund these yourself. There are products, which are for new business; merchant loans for start-up businesses are a great way to turn your business idea into an actual business that makes you money. Business opportunities you might want to consider If […]

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Dealing With Bad Credit In Business

Bad credit can happen in business as well as in your personal life. While it is difficult to deal with, it is something that you must not use as an excuse, to not giving your business the opportunity it deserves. Nevertheless, when the economy is still not great and you need to raise funds, having bad debt is not the ideal situation but it is not the end of the world, either. It is possible to get a small business cash advance, even with bad credit, from merchants who specialise in businesses that are higher risk. Banks are turning away […]

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Different Methods to Business Loans

There are different ways you can grow your business and there are different methods to fund the business growth, too. While traditional methods include dressing up to go and see your bank manager, thankfully, times have changed and in fact, they could have gotten a lot easier. What is important to understand is growth matters, in terms of business growth and the likelihood of it staying a profitable venture. Some businesses choose to grow as the business can afford to develop, but many small businesses, if they want to survive, know they will need to find the boost of capital […]

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Developing a Deeper Understanding For Growing a Small Business

At the beginning of every small business, there is a dream; one for a company that meets your needs, wants and desires. However, how do you take your dream further to grow and develop into something bigger and better? The key to creating a business, which is forward thinking, must have a great business plan, one that grows and develops as your business matures. Ideally, this is just the start, it is important that you are able to grow and develop within your field and becoming a leader, not just of your business, but an advocate for your business field. […]

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