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2014 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How to Start Feeling In Control as a Small Business Owner

It is very usual for small business owners to feel overwhelmed with responsibility, especially those who are just starting out. Although it may often feel like you have to do everything by yourself, it is wise to consider your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner. Doing this will make it clearer what you are able to handle, and where you might need some assistance. A recent survey by the UPS Store concluded that most small business owners would like to work with other business owners who understand their needs and issues. The survey also determined that although these business […]

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Paynet Indexes Report Increasing Small Business Loans, Decreasing Loan Delinquencies

The Thomas Reuters/Paynet Small Business Lending Index reports that US small businesses took out more loans and cash advances in January than they did a year before. After hitting record lending highs in December, January’s lending rate decreased. Yet the mark was still improving on January 2013’s at a 4% increase. The decline from December is no surprise as December usually tops for loans and cash advances as businesses reconcile their budget for the year. December was a frosty month as the remarkably cold winter hurt retail sales, industrial production, and even home sales. Yet the high lending mark for […]

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Benefits of Diversity for Small Businesses

Diversity has become a lot more than a catch phrase in business. The benefits of having diversity in small business have become tangible and recognized by business analysts. Diverse employees help your business attract a diverse consumer base. You bring in new perspectives from employees from different backgrounds on how to handle business matters such as small business loans. If your small business is diverse you will promote a positive, open, and welcoming environment for both employees and customers. Here are three easy tips to boosting diversity in your business outside of changing your hiring habits. Hold a Diversity Training […]

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Deductions in a Small Business

It is common knowledge that running a small business can certainly make everything seem a little overwhelming every once in a while. One thing that is sure to be close to the top of this list is the costs involved in running a business, from transportation costs to minor things like office supplies. Luckily, business owners are able to claim these expenses back. This is known as ‘deductions’, which are basically there to reduce your taxable profit. In turn, deductions reduce the amount of taxes that a business owner owes. The 12-mile long Federal tax rules have a long list […]

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