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20 Striking Facts Business Leaders Should Think About

Business is evolving and undergoing fundamental changes. Big data, Artificial Intelligence, platform businesses and sharing economy, 3D printing, intelligent robots and other leadership challenges have completely changed the traditional world of business.

Below you can find interesting facts that show how all these things are important in the modern business world. To start your business successfully and grow, consider turning to FAM for low-cost and reliable business funding. is a reputable business loan provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk industry.

  1. The amount of data created during 2015 and 2016 exceeded the amount having been created throughout the history.


  1. By 2020, nearly 1.7 megabytes of new information will be generated every second for every human being across the globe.


  1. In 5 years, more than 50 billion smart connected devices will appear in the world, aimed at collecting, analyzing and sharing data.


  1. A typical Fortune 1000 company will obtain over $65 million net income if it increases its data accessibility by 10%.


  1. Thanks to the opportunities provided by big data, retailers would see a 60% increase in their operating margins.


  1. In Aug 2015, Facebook was used by more than 1 billion people in a single day.


  1. By 2020, more than 6.1 billion smartphone users will appear across the globe, which exceeds the number of traditional landline phone accounts.


  1. Airbnb is estimated at about $25.5 billion. This exceeds the value of Marriott ($20.90 billion), Starwood ($14 billion), and Wyndham ($10.01 billion). Hilton Worldwide is estimated at $27.7 billion.


  1. A Pew research study shows 72% of Americans have participated in the sharing economy.


  1. 73% of Americans don’t know what the term “sharing economy” means, and 89% don’t know what the “gig economy” means.


  1. People having an income of more than $100.000 who are under the age of 45 are more familiar with the sharing economy.


  1. The number of photos taken each year has tripled since 2010 and was expected to reach 1.3 trillion by 2017.


  1. 75% of all photos are now taken using a phone. This number was 40% in 2010.


  1. On a yearly basis, funding to AI startups reached 302% in 2014. These include companies involved in natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning and predictive APIs among other applications.


  1. According to Wikipedia, there are 500 employees at Pinterest, and Kodak has over 6.500 employees. Pinterest is estimated at $11 billion, and Kodak is valued at about $900 million.


  1. Gartner predicted 6.4 billion things would be connected to the Internet in 2016. This number grew 30% from 2015.


  1. The FDA gave its approval for the first 3D printed drug in 2015. 3D printed human tissues have been successfully implanted into animals; the tissues didn’t stop functioning for several months after the implantation.


  1. As of November 1, 2016, there were nearly 16 million bitcoins in circulation.


  1. As of November 1, 2016, there were over 225.000 bitcoin transactions completed each day.


  1. The amount of data analyzed and used is less than 0.5% (of all data).


The modern world of the Internet and high technologies is changing fast. You, as a business leader, should take all these trends into account while developing your business strategies so to fight the competition and achieve success.