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First American Merchant ACH Processing Will Boost Profits

If you are a new business, one of the most important mechanisms that must work correctly is the payment processing system. There are a variety of payment options available for merchants to utilize, from debit cards to ACH processing. In order to survive, new merchants must acquire as many of these payment processes as possible to ensure a seamless and convenient customer experience. If you are just starting out and are wondering which payment processing methods are best for your customers, add ACH (the Automated Clearinghouse) to the top of your list.

 ACH Processing

Is one of the most secure and efficient methods of payment processing in existence. ACH is a much more efficient alternative to paper checks that can be lost or damaged. Expand your online customer base by offering ACH processing. Over 10 million Americans don’t have credit cards to make online purchases, however ACH processing makes it possible to purchase your merchandise as electronic checks are able to be processed just as quickly and efficiently as online debit or credit cards.

Merchants who embraced ACH processing gained a large advantage over merchants that only stuck with online debit and credit payment processing. Even today, many of these first movers are still at the forefront of online sales.

First American Merchant (FAM)

Is the number one choice for merchants who want to expand their business and their profits by providing multiple payment methods. ACH is one of the most essential forms of payment processing for merchants. With their standard ACH check processing solution, merchants can utilize the phone/Internet. There are a variety of options offered:

  • E-Signed PDF. Merchants can utilize services like Docusign or Echo Sign to collect signatures for the pdf electronically.
  • With signed PDFs, merchants send their customers a word doc or pdf to sign and return via fax or email.
  • Checks-by-Phone. Merchants can pay $25 per month to use your recording service to get a voice authorization from clients. There are no signatures required for this option.
  • Checks-by-Web. Customers can complete their orders using a secure website. Your customer must click to agree to terms and conditions.

First American Merchant is the online lender that gives merchants a variety of payment options like ACH check processing. Don’t miss out on this profitable payment processing method. Contact us to learn more about fast, low hassle ACH processing today.

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