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FAM Has Your Off-Season Covered

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Focus on Your Guests

Resorts, hotels, and destination bed and breakfast businesses are fast becoming one of the most popular options for post-retiree business owners and young entrepreneurs who want to work in paradise. During the off-season, however, paradise can quickly become expensive to maintain, with utilities, insurance, labor costs and repairs, and the often frequent remodeling you’re doing to keep up with trends and maintain the luxury your customers come to expect.

FAM can help you fund all your business needs, and can assist in carrying you through a particularly slow off-season to ensure you’re not feeling the heat in the middle of winter.

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Get approved for up to $100,000. Need more? Our experienced staff can help. $2500$100,000
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Already Trusted by Thousands of Owners

First American Merchant is already a trusted funding source for countless business owners. The majority of our merchants return to us again, and again when their business require capital. Whether your hotel is a full-fledged resort, or a small bed and breakfast, we have the funding options you need to grow your business.

Running a hospitality company is a passion project. Owners of these establishments don’t view the world like other business owners; where most see the promise of financial compensation, they see the smiles and satisfaction of their guests as their most treasured form of payment. However, with the stresses of running a business in a competitive industry, sometimes that passion can take a backseat to the realities of business.

FAM can provide you with the financial security you need to get over seasonal hurdles, like the repairs and renovations you’ll need to make in preparation for next year’s guests. We can make it easier for you to keep on seasonal staff that you want to incentivize to remain on full time. FAM is the right choice for your destination business’s funding partner.

The First American Merchant Difference

Traditional Lenders

  • Strict Document Requirements
  • Long Application Process
  • Decisions Can Take Weeks
  • Outsourced Customer Service
  • Limited Funding Requirements
  • Credit-based Approvals

  • Minimal Documentation Needed*
  • Application Takes Minutes
  • Same or Next Day Approvals
  • In-house Customer Service
  • Multiple Funding Options Available
  • Decisions Based on Income
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*In most cases, only 3 months of processing statements are required

Funding That Works For You

First American Merchant Funding is the perfect partner for your business. We have a quick application process, we fund fast, and we have the capacity to assist funding even the largest businesses. Need a few hundred thousand dollars to get your business moving in the right direction? We’re happy to help.

We have some of the best repayment rates in the industry. What are you waiting for? Get started now and watch your business grow!

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Working Capital

We provide the entrepreneur alternative ways to gain access to working capital. Our flexible and affordable repayment options are designed to minimize the burden on your pocket!

Easy Approvals

Unlike a bank, we have fewer requirements for funding approval and we don’t base our decision on your credit rating. Contact us today to see how First American Merchant Funding can work for you!/p>

Large-scale Funding

Your business is an expensive venture, imagine the peace of mind you’ll have with up to $1 million in unsecured capital available and ready for all of your financial challenges.

We Can Help You Move Your Business Forward

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You’ve already done the hard work and started your business. Leave the rest to us.

We have a fast approval process, and will have your funds deposited into your account quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

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*Due to differing bank policies, it can several business days before your funds are available.

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