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We help American business owners get the working capital they need. Personal credit and time in business will not you from getting an approval at 1st American. We have a variety of business funding solutions for any business.Merchant Cash Advance Start-Up

What type of Business Funding do you Offer?

At 1st American Merchant Advance we know many business owners have faced financial challenges over the last few years. Our programs are designed to get working capital into your hands quickly. Our programs are similar to a small business loan except there is no long drawn out process and there are no tax returns or extensive financials required.

Merchant Cash Advance: Funding based on gross credit card sales at your business
ACH “Bank Only” Cash Advance: Funding based on total gross deposits into your bank account
Micro Merchant Cash Advance: Designed for merchants processing less than 4k per month
Start Up Merchant Cash Advance: Designed for start up businesses accepting credit cards

How does it all work?

Most of our programs are based on a receivables financing model. We are essentially purchasing a set amount of your future sales at a discounted rate. Technically we are not a lender, and we are not lending you money. We are purchasing your future receivables in the form of your customers credit card payments or estimated future sales.

We are more concerned with the strength of your businesses cash flow than your personal credit or personal financial situation. This is a big advantage for business owners that may be over extended personally or that have damaged credit from previous ventures. We can even approve merchants with tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies. To learn more about our programs fill out the contact form to the right or call us today at 1.888.785.6811

Why Choose 1st American Merchant Funding?

At 1st American we fund 80% of our deals in house, which means we are the ones purchasing your receivables, there are no middle men and no brokers taking additional points on the deal. If the deal is too large for us to fund in house or if we can’t underwrite the deal we have an extensive network of banks and lenders that allow us to help virtually every merchant.

Our parent company, LLC has an A rating with the BBB and we are currently rated as one of the top 10 merchant cash advance companies in the country by multiple independent review sites. Located in Los Angeles CA, our team of account executives helps merchants across the country. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.